Rex Wax: Handmade Moustache Wax (Firm)

Rex Wax, handmade in Oregon by a very nice guy who goes by the name of Paul Branham. I came in contact with him through Facebook on my search for smaller wax companies out there! He seems very into the whole Handlebar lifestyle and community.

Okay, I am going to be pretty blunt about this wax (And my apologies to Paul if I sound like I am “dissing” his wax – I just could not figure it out!)

I was eager to receive my tin in the mail from Paul Branham (the creator of Rex Wax), when I got my tin I could instantly tell that this stuff was STIFF! I could hear that the “Chunk” of wax in the tin could be shaken around and was not stuck to the sides of the tin at all. I figured I was going to have some difficulties trying to apply this wax, but nothing like the problems I ended up having.

Because this wax was so stiff I knew I was going to need to do some serious heating up! I started out by scraping a bit of wax off with my finger nail, rolling it between my fingers, and applying it to the ‘stache.  I got clumps of wax everywhere in my ‘stache. Tried to heat it up while in my ‘stache and comb it through, this helped but it was still hard to shape into curls. After this didn’t work I tried applying more thinking that I just hadn’t used enough. This made it worse! the curls that I formed Immediately turned into pincers(aka fell forward and I looked like a bug) and I couldn’t get them to stand up to form my normal handlebars.

After my first couple of tries with heating it up while in my ‘stache I went with trying to heat it up in the tin with the blow dryer, didn’t do a thing. – The wax was just as stiff as before! I just couldn’t figure out this wax!!! I ended up messaging Paul about how he applies his wax to his own ‘stache and he said

“What I do is scratch out a lil wax with a fingernail. Rub wax between fingertips to warm it and soften it up. Then, when wax is soft, massage into the hairs, come thru
Then, repeat the forefinger/thumb method to warm up another lil bit of wax, use this to add to the handlebar tips to give extra hold and style
I use an opposite hand/overhand method to form curls”

I took his advice and found that this did help with making the wax more pliable and easier to apply to the ‘stache. Although I was not able to figure out how to get the curls that I wanted I was able to keep the center up and out-of-the-way for days at a time!!!

So in the end I will say that I did indeed have trouble with this wax, but the times that I did get it to work out this wax is very firm and will hold throughout the day without falling into any sort of “Fangs”. So If for those of you who are able to figure this wax out I am more than sure you will have a perfect hold throughout the day in any sort of weather! I will definitely be revisiting this wax soon to see if I can figure it out and make it work for me! So make sure you check back to look for my revisited review on Rex Wax.

I must send many thanks to Paul Branham for his support for this blog, and for supplying me with a tin of his fine yet difficult wax!

-Until then

-Keep That ‘Stache Stiff

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3 thoughts on “Rex Wax: Handmade Moustache Wax (Firm)

  1. John Miller says:

    Excellent review, and thank you for being so honest. i hope Mr. rex wax doesn’t take it personal. even though you may not have had a good experience with it wouldn’t stop me from trying it. no doubt at some point i will give it a try. Keep up the good work.

    • John,
      I was in no way trying to offend Paul in my review. I do believe that it was just my experience with the wax! – As I did find that the wax had a fantastic hold on the center of my ‘stache!

      Thanks for the input!


  2. Devon says:

    With the ‘hard’ wax I make for my moustache. I have to warm it with a hairdryer, to get it on my hair. Then I have to warm it with a hair dryer once it is in my hair to spread the wax out. my moustache is very long (wingspan of 18 inches) so I need a very stiff wax sometimes.

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