Join Your Local Club!

My fellow ‘stachers!

I’m sure most of you have seen that the facial hair movement is on the rise once again. All sorts of clubs, groups, gangs, gatherings, congregations.. Etc. have been popping up all across America and the World. I would like to take this time to suggest you go out and try to find if your local town has a Facial Hair club.

Now the best place to look would be on Facebook, but I know not everyone has Facebook so Another place to start is on Beard Team USA’s Website, they have a section for “Local Chapters” and that is usually a good place to start. And Hey, while you’re at it, Join Beard Team USA!!! It’s Free!

Joining a Club is the best way to find out about competitions, and is a GREAT way to meet new people who share the love for facial hair!!

Here Is A List Of Clubs That I’ve found.

(For Those NOT on Facebook try these few to get a start on where to find a local club)

Beard Team USA 

American Moustache Institute

The Handlebar Club

The Whisker Club

For Those of you ON Facebook here are some of the hundreds I’ve found

The Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Club

The Austin Facial Hair Club

Emerald City Beardo’s FHC

Sumptown Stache & Beard Collective

The Garden State Beard & Moustache Society

The Handlebar Moustache Society Of Ontario

Columbus Ohio Moustache Brethren

Southern Fried Beard and Moustache Club

Philadelphia Beard and Moustache Club

(These are just a few SO if you want to find your local chapter, then do a little searching, I’m sure you’ll find something!)

-Keep that upper lip stiff


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