Rex Wax (Revisited)

As many of you might have guessed I was not to keen on Rex Wax when I first did my review. Well I wasn’t to happy with my experience with it. The wax was too stiff, I could not get it to soften up enough to spread it through the ‘stache.

Well my friends, I just needed more time with this wax. If I actually took some time to get it spread through my fingers and really worked it into my ‘stache. I found that if I had another wax in my ‘stache, almost like a base wax, I was able to work it into the ‘stache a lot easier then without any sort of base wax.

I found out that because Rex Wax is so stiff I could use it whenever I was having a “Bad ‘Stache” day, when my whiskers are really unruly and I need some serious help I will always go for my tin of Rex Wax to stiffen things up… I’ll stay away from the innuendos… I feel that Rex Wax is best for the ends of the ‘stache, because I have so much trouble spreading it into the center I feel that it works best on the ends for some real stiff curls and a serious hold.

So if you are in need of some serious ‘stache control I will now say that Rex Wax is the wax you should grab! It’s stiffness is what I need for those days when my ‘tache needs to be tamed! -And I know every one of you have those days when your ‘stache just won’t do what you want-

Thanks again to Paul and Rex Wax!

Until Next Time

-Keep That ‘Stache Stiff

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One thought on “Rex Wax (Revisited)

  1. Paul Branham says:

    shoot me your address again and i’ll get around to sending you a tube of the soft wax to try out too.

    Rex Wax: Handmade Moustache Wax

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