The Handlebar Moustache. What more is there to say about that? The name speaks for itself. While some think it is ironic, others know it’s iconic. Whether it is a moustache, mustache, ‘stache, ‘tache, or lipbrow it needs to be groomed. Keeping your moustache groomed is not for the faint of heart (Ok, if your faint of heart you can still keep a groomed ‘stache) but it does take time and effort to keep your ‘stache looking good. It doesn’t matter if you wax it, comb it, brush it, or let it go wild. In this blog we will cover everything from different waxes to different eating techniques.

This blog is for everyone who has a handle bar, wants one, had one, or knows someone who does. So spread the word and keep the Moustache alive!!!


The ‘Stache Wax blog offers premium reviews on various moustache products, including wax, glue, combs, amongst several other moustache care products. The views expressed from any publications do not necessarily reflect the views of any featured brand or company. Opinions and views are shared in the interest of edification, education, and humor, unless noted otherwise.

MOST PICTURES USED ON THIS SITE ARE MY OWN, granted I do not own all photos, almost all of the photos of wax products are mine. If you are wanting to use any photos from this blog, you will need permission from myself. If I do not own the photo, I will point you in the direction of who you can get permission from Also, I try my best to link or give credit to the picture source. Unless there wasn’t any. If you find an image that belongs to you send me an Email stating so, and if you would like I will remove it immediately.

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  1. Ian Wigley, Morgan Hill, Ca says:

    Great reviews. I have used a few waxes in the 15 years or so that I have worn a handlebar versus a military ‘stache. These include Pinaud,s (Clubman), Canadian Plus, Gravy Jay’s, Hndlebars, Cedar Hill Farms, Lucky Tiger. (more on this in a bit) I have very curly facial hair that combs out okay but looks a little unruly. I look to trying some of the ones you reviewed that i have not sed

    I have also used various methods for softening stiffer waxes including warming to liquid in a small Pyrex dish on a coffee warmer, warming can in the pocket for a few minutes, under warm water, etc.

    Ultimately, I found a method that worked for ME. I use a Stim-U-Dent (yes the one my dentist recommended for my gums 30 years ago) to scrape a thin sheet from the can which I can then put between finger and thumb and work onto a soft ball and then pull off thin layers between thunb and forefinger to apply to the ‘stache. This is also great for combining small amounts of soft waxes with very hard ones to get the right stickiness and malleability. The Stim-u-dents are sanitary, cheap, disposable and bio-degradable

    I wear a fairly tight curl from the lip corners outward and wax and twist that part first.into a straight out cat’s whisker.For a few years early on, this is how I wore my stache. Some of the comments were amazing, especially from the ladies (wink)
    I then work a thin layer into the main ‘stache and and groom it out, blend it in and then curl the twisted cat’s whisker back on itself in a fairly tight loop. This loop does loosen over the day but surprisingly evenly and not much.

    Now my personal takes on waxes.

    Sandahl’s Lucky Tiger distributed by At Last Naturals in Valhalla, NY -first but worst! – Uses paraffin and other waxes as well as beeswax, mineral oil, cocoa butter and lanolin. Very soft, applies easily, strong smell, NO hold. Cheap but probably only for those who want a pomade but do not shape their ‘stache. Not bad for your bead though (I wear a vandyke)

    Pinaud’s Clubman. The most available in your typical drug store, barbershop or beauty supply. Pricey!! Very hard to get out of tube and work. Colored versions have grainy colorant that affects texture. Tube graphics come off on fingers (yuck) I used this way too long before looking elsewhere. Very stiff hold and looks it.

    Canadian Plus.Yes, Made in Canada. Comes in 1/2 oz tins soft and stiff. Fair product. Slight coconut aroma (sweet). Neutral color that blends in well. Have not used in a while.

    Gravy Jay’s Soft is too soft. Stiff works pretty well but flaky. Mix it with soft (see above) pretty good product.

    Cedar Hill Farms One of my preferred but mixed stiff and soft about 3:1. Neutral aroma, applies well disappears. Shapes up well but lacks stickiness for strong shaping.

    Hndlebars My personal favorite, so far. Very sticky when applied but smooths out well and lasts out even a lot of twisting. Neutral color disappears. Product is same in can or tube. Tubes are great for travel.

    I do not worry about price since used with control it all lasts quite a whiland preference trumps penny-pinching. I say try it, give each a chance and then repeat buy what works best for you.

    i currently like to use the Cedar Hills first and then finish the curls with Hndlebars. This combo LASTS ALL DAY. I ride a motorcycle, wear a half helmet with no faceshield and this stuff looks as good after 100 miles at 70 as when I mounted the motor. My wife likes the way it does not color my hair and stand out. I am often asked what I use to hold the shape because they do not see it.

    • Ian,
      I do appreciate your input on some waxes that I have yet to try!

      If I may suggest a wax that is quite stiff and sticky, I would say try Firehouse Wacky Tacky. This is a great stiff wax that has the stickiness to hold unruly hairs in place! -It is a dark wax so it does make your ‘stache look a little bit darker (if you have lighter hair)

      I too like the way hndlebars holds and it is overall a great wax! The one thing that keeps me from using it everyday is the smell… I like things to smell good when they’re that close to my nose, and the scent is a little harsh. They have just released a new wax, same formula I think, with a citrus scent. -Which I am hoping to give a shot sometime soon!

      Thanks again for your input!
      -Stay Waxy!


  2. Charlie says:

    Good stuff Lucas. I found your site via Instagram (#handlebarmoustache) and enjoyed reading it greatly. I’ve not actually used a commercial brand of wax, but simply made my own out of beeswax and petroleum jelly (50 50). As much as I’d like to start trying the scented brands my 2oz jar of wax will most likely last me at least a year. I’ve heard that a bit of bergamot oil is a nice scent but I decided that a faint smell of beeswax is enough scent for me. I find my homemade wax warms up between the fingers pretty easily and keeps it’s hold for most of the day. Usually I’ll reapply some wax around lunchtime to keep it in place. Still I’ve found that it’s pointless even trying to keep my handlebars in place while kissing my ladyfriend or sleeping.

    I assume that for a stiffer homemade wax one can simply shift the ratio so there is more beeswax than petroleum jelly, and vice versa for a softer wax. It might be worthwhile making a blog post on recipes for homemade moustache waxes, including recommended scents.

    • Hello good sir!

      I am glad that you have been enjoying my blog! It’s great to hear of new ways people are finding out about the blog.

      Just because you have some left in the tin is no reason not to go out and buy other brands (This is how an addiction/collection starts haha!!)

      As far as making homemade waxes, I have only tried this once. It was when I was first started growing and was too impatient to order a wax so I made my own. You are completely correct about adding less or more beeswax/petroleum to make it more or less stiff. The recipe I use when making my own was (Like yours) a 50/50 mix. BUT I didn’t really measure anything out and just eyeballed it, so I ended up with a lighter creamier wax (which probably means I added too much petroleum).
      I do like your idea of having a place for homemade wax recipes, I would just have to try them all out first… I am totally not opposed to the idea (it would just take some time for me to do so)

      Thanks for the input! I will definitely start keeping my eye out for more recipes!

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