Madame Scodioli: Whisker Wax

During my vast searches on the interweb I have come across many companies with their own ‘stache wax. I always love coming across a new wax, it means that I (Hopefully) can give it a try!

One company that I came across was Madame Scodioli, A maker of hand-made soap, perfume and other various health and beauty products. and what do you know… They have a Whisker Wax!!!

Now When I first contacted Madam Scodioli about her Whisker Wax, I was informed that this was a “light” wax meant for light shaping… Well, even though I was “Warned” I was still surprised by what I received..

When I first opened up the package I was met by a strong, natural scent that immediately sparked a memory of my home town (Boulder, Colorado)… Now I can’t really put a name on what this scent is… But let me tell you it is a very natural, almost “Hippy” like scent. Now I say it reminds me of Boulder because, well, Boulder has MANY Hippies/Natural stores where you would find 70’s rock posters, flags covering the lights so the atmosphere has a dim odd lit feel.. Ya VERY hard to describe. On the tin (and site) it says that it is the Gray Skies scent. They offer a couple more scents which I would love to see what the smell like! I’m sure they are all great.

The clean, different label.. I dig it!!

I took out the tin and saw a black label with white writing and a picture of who I’m guessing is Madame Scodioli.. It is a very different label then the ones I’ve mainly seen, being black with white text.. But for some reason I like it, it’s clean.

Opening the tin you’re met with the exact same scent that met me when I first opened the package.. Yet it’s stronger and more potent than before…Well that might be because it was thin of wax that gave the package the scent! I must say that at first it was a bit over powering, it filled the room up..

The color of this wax is a very natural wax color.. Ya man…

Scraping this wax out of the tin was, well, EASY! This wax is LIGHT! Now I’m talking about lighter than Captain Fawcett’s, CVS brand.. All of those light waxes, this stuff is way lighter! I would classify this “Wax” as a pomade and not really a wax, because it doesn’t really have any waxy qualities to it. Because it’s so light, you hardly need to spend any time warming this stuff up.

Now is this a bad thing that it’s so light? Well, NO! I know that most people are looking for a wax that will hold their ‘stache all day without budging, but what about those who are trying to wear a Natural ‘stache? Well I think I have found the wax for you! This wax is very easily applied and offers only enough hold to shape your ‘stache very naturally. While this stuff offers hardly any hold, it leaves the ‘stache with a nice glow and a very natural scent.

I know this is a short review but I’m not sure what else to say about Madam Scodioli’s Whisker Wax… This stuff is made for the wearer of the au-naturale Moustache! The scent is very strong, but I found that leaving the tin open for a little helps “air” it out a little bit. After a while the scent does die down to a softer whiff which is nice! Overall I would say what I’ve said over and over in this review, it’s a light hold for a natural looking ‘stache. The scent it very nice after it dies down a bit, and it gives the ‘stache a nice glow.

For those of you looking for something to shape up that Natural ‘stache of yours, head on over to Madame Scodioli’s Etsy site and get yourself a tin of their Whisker Wax. While you’re there make sure you check out what other fantastic products they have!


Until Next TIme

-Stay Waxed

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