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Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax

Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax is a wax that I found while searching the wonderful website of Etsy. Etsy is a fantastic website for people to sell their handmade items, and what a better place for people to sell their own concoction of moustache wax!

Upon receiving my package from Wild Bill’s I was happy to see that they had sent me a tin of their Stiff wax, as well as a tube of their Soft wax. The tin I received is one of the .5oz tins, and the tube is a normal Chapstick tube size (about .15oz)

"It Tickles The Ladies Fancy" what it says on the band around the cap of the tube and on the back of the tin.

The color of the wax is not surprising to say the least, it is a lightish yellow wax color. (I would be a little worried if I found a tin of a brightly colored wax, I like natural colors for a wax that will be so close to my mouth 🙂 ) The smell of this is a very light lanolin smell. Now I know when people hear the word Lanolin they get a little worried because, Lanolin smells like an old man. Well fear not, although this does smell like lanolin, it almost reminds me of being a Cowboy… Out in the wilderness, rough and tough, horses, dirt, campfire cooked food, all around being a Man. and by no means is this smell harsh or over powering, it is a very light sent that disappears soon after being in the ‘stache.

The Natural colored wax

Now getting the Stiff wax into the stash is where I had a little trouble. Scraping this stuff out is TUFF! I though Queen City wax was a gummy wax, boy was I wrong! Scraping this wax out of the tin without warming it up is like… Scraping old gum off of your shoe… Very stiff and sticky…. BUT ALL of that changes as soon as you warm it up. I found that using the “warm it up in your pocket” technique would take a little bit longer that I had in the mornings to get ready. So what I did was use the trusty old hair dryer. I did need to take a little bit longer with the heat, but once this stuff is soft it is very easily worked into the ‘stache.

As for the Soft wax, It is still a very sticky, gummy wax, it just is nowhere near as stiff as the Stiff wax. With the Soft wax I did not need to use the hair dryer, just warming it up in the fingers worked fine. Applying the Soft wax was just as easy as the Stiff once warmed up.

Now for the hold:

Once in the ‘Stache, the Stiff wax did what I like waxes to do, it stiffened back up to what it was while in the tin. You will not need to worry about anything when this stuff is in the ‘stache! you can forget about DSS. I had no problems with fangs or droopy curls, this wax stiffened up almost as much as Bounder, but was still pliable to be able to reshape it.

The Soft wax did what you would expect from a softer wax, while it held its shape and for the most part stayed in place, I would say this would be a great wax for the center of the stache, if you are not wanting a “Slick” look for your entire ‘tache or you are just going for a more of a natural flowing look.


Now I wish I could say I had absolutely no problems with this wax, but I did. Washing this wax out was a little difficult for me. Yes this wax is what I would call a water-soluble wax, but it’s not at the same time. When washing out, the wax almost turns greasy and slippery, and does not want to quite come off. Although it was a little tricky to wash out, when I washed my face with face wash (like I do every morning) it all came out and I didn’t notice any greasiness. So maybe you just need to use soap to wash this out.. I’ll have to give it a try!


Overall I would say I am very happy with my experience with Wild Bill’s XXX, Yes this stuff is STIFF, so you WILL need to use something to warm it up before applying it to the ‘stache or you will lose a hair or two, but once warmed up, this wax is very easily applied and it stays exactly where you put it. Definitely a wax that everyone should have in their collection for those “Unruly” ‘stache days. So head on over to their Etsy shop and buy yourself a tin or two of Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax.


Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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