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Vacation time!

Alrighty! I have taken a week off to head home(Boulder, CO), a beautiful place with fantastic people and an amazing atmosphere! My time in Boulder will be spent drinking Ozo Coffee, seeing old friends, and spending time out in the beautiful mountain air.

Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL!

I have brought along my entire wax collection with me to test each one of them out while being here in this lovely town. I will be trying each one of my waxes for one day while being here to see how they hold up to the Colorado climate and the lack of oxygen (Being at 5430Ft.) The forecast calls for beautiful weather in the low 80’s to high 70’s, so I don’t believe I will have to worry about the wax melting.

The Collection has grown!

As for my week-long reviews I will pick back up with them when I return to California on Saturday (Oct. 1st), as to keep the consistency of my reviews. I was in the process of reviewing Oregon Wild Hair which is quite a fine wax, a little on the softer side but still a very fine wax(make sure you look out for the review of OWH).

If anyone in Colorado wants to get in contact with me and talk Moustaches please feel free to shoot me a line on here or find me on Facebook!

Also my search for moustache wax will continue here as I am ALWAYS looking for new brands of wax to find and review! – If you know any brands in CO that I should look for let me know!!!

Until Then

-Stay Waxy

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The Fantastic World of Pomade

Now I know this is supposed to be a blog JUST for moustache products, but hey if you want a more flowing natural look for a moustache a pomade might just be the perfect thing! And you gotta keep a fresh hair style if you want to look classy with your ‘stache!

Pomade is usually made up with some of the basics that a moustache wax uses as well. The basics usually include Bees Wax, some sort of Oil, and possibly a fragrance. Most of the time a pomade is almost 100% Natural – So It’s not a big deal being so close to your mouth.

If anyone is interested in looking into pomade either for their ‘stache or their hair make sure you check out Dr. Rubin’s Pomade. They are a great couple of guys from Alhambra, CA who are really into everything pomade! Their pomade is 100% Natural and actually nourishes your hair!

If you want to branch out and learn more about the fantastic world of pomade make sure you check out The Rebel Rouser. This guy knows almost EVERYTHING you need to know about pomade and the Rockabilly lifestyle! He tests and reviews pomade so you don’t have to search and search for the perfect pomade.  – I must say (and give credit where credit is due) This guy is where I got my main idea for The ‘Stache Wax Review Blog.

So if you’re in the search for a good classic pomade give these guys a look and hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Until Next time

-Keep ‘staching

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