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Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax

Alrighty folks! I know you all have been chomping at the bit for another review… So, here it is!! (Don’t you worry, another one will be on its way this week)

Now, Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax is a wax company that actually contacted me about their wax. Although it took some time to actually get me their wax I finally got my hands on a tin.

When I received the tin, I was excited to see a tin design that is different then all the other ones I’ve seen. Now don’t get too excited it’s nothing extreme! It’s a screw top tin.. Ya, I know, whats the big deal? Well I like the fact that I have the security of the tin not opening while bouncing around in my pocket.

The Light Color of wax.

When I unscrewed the top, I saw the light yellowish wax. The color is nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal beeswax color. Now the smell of the wax is something that I actually had to search for a little bit. No, I didn’t actually need to go on an adventure to find the smell. I just needed to try a little bit harder to smell this wax. When I did find the smell, it was/is hard for me to actually tell what it smells like. I guess I would say it smells like, beeswax with a hint of chocolate. When I say beeswax I don’t mean honey, I mean wax.

Now for the firmness of the wax. Well when I received the tin i could hear the “Puck” of wax rattling around in the tin. Oh great, another STIFF wax that is going to give me hell when trying to get it into the ‘stache. Well, That’s not completely true. When warming up this wax I did find that I needed to use the hair dryer to warm it up, but once warmed, this wax was pretty easy to apply into the ‘stache. Although I did notice that you need to keep the wax warm, or else it is very possible to pull out a hair or two.

Once in the ‘stache this wax cools to a Medium/Firm wax. Throughout the day I didn’t have to worry about the curls drooping or falling out-of-place, but I did need to worry about the center of the ‘tache. I noticed that the center of my ‘stache just didn’t want to stay in place, but once I applied a little more wax I was normally able to fix the problem.

Overall I would say I enjoyed my time with Lecherous Lett’s, and hell with the name Lecherous, I just can’t help myself but laugh a little bit. So if you are at all interested in getting yourself some Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax (which I suggest) Head on over to their shop and buy yourself some!

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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