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Hndlebars Moustache Wax

I know a lot of people with a fantastic handlebar moustache have a fancy for the two wheeled man-powered means of transportation, that’s right I’m talking about Bicycles. During a ride, one might find himself worried about his ‘stache and the beating it is taking from the wind. Well, a man who fancies a long bike ride has made a wax to stop the droop! And what a better name for the wax than Hndlebars (Not sure if its because of the ‘stache, or the bike)

I have read many things about Hndlebars Moustache Wax but all seem to say the same thing, “The hold is great, but the smell is not.” Well folks, I have to agree.

I do like the artwork on tin!

When my tin of Hndlebars arrived I was finally able to put all stipulations about the smell to rest……. It smells like Lanolin!!! – Now I know other waxes use Lanolin, which makes me wonder why Hndlebars has such a strong (almost “Old man”) scent. Maybe they use a less refined Lanolin?? Who knows.. But one thing I do know is that this scent does take some time to get used to. I can say that it does remind me of the Count Justinian waxes, but Hndlebars scent is a little bit stronger and harsher to the nose.

As for the hold that everyone seemed to be talking about, I would have to somewhat agree with them on that one, It does have a firm hold, but no where near the hold and stiffness of Rex Wax. I did like the way that Hndlebars held the ‘stache in place throughout the day, although it was a little tricky getting my  unruly ‘tache to cooperate with me, when I did get it in place it stayed put! As for warming the wax up, I didn’t find myself needing the use of the blow dryer, I just kept it in my pocket while I was doing my morning routine, an by the time I was ready to wax my ‘stache (about 10 min) the wax was warm enough to work in my fingers and through the ‘stache. I did notice that I sometimes needed to add more wax to the tips to keep the hair together so I wouldn’t have any stray hairs or multiple unwanted curls.

Hndlebars has a neutral wax color, so you won't have to worry about it changing the color of your 'stache

My experience with Hndlebars Moustache Wax went quite well! I did find the hold quite desirable, it was a stiff hold that held throughout the day. The smell was something that does take a while to get used to, and was a bit harsh on the nose.

If your looking for a solid hold in a ‘stache wax and are not to worried about how it smells then Hndlebars is the wax for you! So head on over to Hndlebars and buy yourself some wax! For $7.50 a tin it is on the cheaper side for a 1oz tin of wax.

(SIDE NOTE: As for the smell, I found that if I spread some High Life on it, the two scents somehow worked together and made a very pleasant smell)

Until Next Time

-Stay Waxed

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