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Firehouse Moustache Wax (Dark)

Alrighty folks, it’s time again to get back on the reviewing train and make some progress through these waxes I’ve had sitting around for a while.

Firehouse Wacky Tacky was one of the first waxes I tried and I instantly fell in love with it so I was more than excited to have the chance to review another one of their products. When I contacted them about ordering a new tin of the Wacky Tacky they were kind enough to include a tin of their Dark wax so I could give it a review.

Like I said in my first review of Firehouse, they have three different waxes; Light, Dark, and Wacky Tacky.. When I received my tin of Dark I wasn’t expecting much different from the WT based on the pictures off the website.

WELL I was right, when I opened the tin of Dark I saw a familiar color wax and got a whiff of what I feel is the exact same natural scent. I know I was very vague in my WT review about the scent, but now that I’ve had more time with the waxes, I would say the scent of this stuff is a wood, fire, toasty scent. Now it’s not over powering, but It smells quite nice!

The Dark Wax, As you can tell it’s almost the same color of the WT

When I said I was right about the waxes being not too different I was almost completely right. When you think of Wacky Tacky you think of a sticky, tackier wax, and that’s what you get with WT. With the Dark, I was expecting almost the same wax, just without the stickiness of the WT… AND I was right! The Dark wax is a lighter, less sticky version of the Wacky Tacky.

Scraping this stuff out of the tin is quite easy, and warming this stuff up is quite easy as well.. You don’t need to grab the hair dryer to heat this stuff up, BUT I have a thing about heating Beeswax based waxes up with the hair dryer… SO I usually did. Applying this wax to the ‘stache is easy as well, because it is less sticky than the WT you don’t need to worry about pulling hairs out.

As for the hold, I will reaffirm that this stuff is a lighter/less sticky version of the WT. It held my curls well throughout the day, but I did notice that when I was out in the hot car I started to get a little droopage, but with a little blast of the A/C I was able to adjust the curls back into place and set things up a bit.

Now I know this is a short review, but I think I’ve said all I need to say about this… It’s lighter and less sticky than Wacky Tacky. Almost the same color (WT is darker) and the exact same scent.

Look!! See I told you the Dark was lighter than the WT… 🙂 (The Dark is on the left)

Overall I think Firehouse has another great wax on their hands, I think I will use this one more during the winter when it cools off, or for days when I want to loosen things up in my ‘stache. I think this wax would be good for those of you who are just starting to experiment with waxes, It’s got a good amount of hold, but it’s very easy to work with. At the same price of the WT (and ALL Firehouse waxes) a 1oz tin of this stuff goes for $8, and with shipping to the U.S for $3 (which went up from when I reviewed WT) I would say head over to their site and pick yourself up a tin or two of ALL Firehouse waxes!

Thanks again to John and Kristine from Firehouse for their fantastic Customer Service!


Until Next Time-

Keep That Upper Lip Stiff


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Vacation Time Wax Reviews

As most of you saw I was on vacation for the past week in my home town of Boulder, Colorado.  I brought along my entire wax collection along with me to test them out at higher altitude. Each day I tried a new wax, or combination of waxes to see how they worked at a higher altitude, and cooler temperature.  My experience at the higher altitude was almost the same as in California. Although It felt like I needed to spend more time warming up the wax than I normally do. Other than that I had little difficulties with each of the waxes I brought.

Since I brought and tried waxes that I have yet to spend a week with I will only let you in on a little about those waxes. As far as the ones that I have already reviewed I will spend a little more time on my experience up in the Mile High City.

I’ll start this review with the ones that I haven’t reviewed first, so I can spend more time on the ones I have already used for a week and reviewed. I will not put up a review on OWH, since that will be my next full review.

High Life Stache Wax:

High Life has a wonderful Coconut/Pina Colada smell that is a little over powering at first but wears off throughout the day. The wax itself is very light and soft. Not soft like the CVS brand(lotion like), but soft like a pomade. The wax went on smooth and was easy to work into curls although I needed to add more to keep them somewhat curled to my usual large curls. I did need to keep an eye on the ‘stache throughout the day to make sure that I was not a victim of DSS(Droopy ‘Stache Syndrome). Check out my full review of High Life Stache Wax

Count Justinian (Classic, Sticky As Hell):

Count Justinian Classic is what I would call a medium/firm hold wax. It is very easy to warm up in your fingers which is FANTASTIC (No need for a hair dryer at all). I had no difficulties applying it to the ‘tache as it is easily warmed. I did find that the hold was firm but easily adjustable, although it did wear off during the day. I compensated for the “softness”  of the Classic by using some of the Sticky As Hell as a strong base to the ‘tache. The Sticky As Hell is almost exactly like the Classic, only a lot stiffer. Warming it up takes a little bit more time in the fingers (might help using a hair dryer), and it didn’t quite soften up as much as the Classic. I did find that using a mixture of the both of them works fantastically throughout the day. Now the smell of the CJ waxes was quite…..ummm…Harsh/strong for a lack of better words (I’ll explain that more in my full review of the Count Justinian waxes)

Rex Wax:

Now I know I did a review on Rex Wax and was a little discouraged by my first experience. I will explain everything in my Revisited Review, but for now I will say that I think I have finally started to get a hang of how to use Rex Wax. And let me tell you, this stuff is Great! Since my ‘stache has gotten a little bit longer and unruly at times, the firmness of Rex Wax really can tame those unruly hairs and let me have a ‘stache that I can work with! Check out my full review of Rex Wax

Firehouse (Wacky Tacky):

This wax is still the same old great wax! Like I said earlier I did need to spend more time warming the wax up when first applying, and I did have some trouble keeping the wax at a workable temperature while working it into my ‘stache. I was a little put off by this at first, but since I’ve used Firehouse before I knew that it could be managed and worked in to a great ‘stache. Check out my full review of Firehouse (Wacky Tacky)


I have always had a little bit of trouble with Bounder, but I must say that I have figured out most of my problems with it I still have a few (still working on figuring those out!). Using Bounder in Colorado was not any different then using it in California or Arizona, It needs to be warmed up a little bit by keeping it in your pocket for a few minutes and then is easily worked into the ‘stache. I did feel that it did dry out a little bit faster up at this altitude since there was less humidity, but other than that I can’t complain about anything else! I must say that I always keep a tin of bounder in the “coin” pocket of my jeans, so I always have a wax with me to fix any problems I might have throughout the day. Check out my full review of Bounder Extra Firm

Make sure you keep checking back for my full reviews on Count Justinian, High Life, and OWH

Keep that ‘tache curled!

Warm Regards


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Update on Wax Reviews

Good Day Everyone!
I am currently in the process of reviewing Firehouse Wacky Tacky, this has been my everyday wax so this should be a quick and simple one to review.
Keep checking back as it should be up later today!

-Until Then
-Stay Waxy

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