Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax

Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax is a wax that I found while searching the wonderful website of Etsy. Etsy is a fantastic website for people to sell their handmade items, and what a better place for people to sell their own concoction of moustache wax!

Upon receiving my package from Wild Bill’s I was happy to see that they had sent me a tin of their Stiff wax, as well as a tube of their Soft wax. The tin I received is one of the .5oz tins, and the tube is a normal Chapstick tube size (about .15oz)

"It Tickles The Ladies Fancy" what it says on the band around the cap of the tube and on the back of the tin.

The color of the wax is not surprising to say the least, it is a lightish yellow wax color. (I would be a little worried if I found a tin of a brightly colored wax, I like natural colors for a wax that will be so close to my mouth ūüôā ) The smell of this is a very light lanolin smell. Now I know when people hear the word Lanolin they get a little worried because, Lanolin smells like an old man. Well fear not, although this does smell like lanolin, it almost reminds me of being a Cowboy… Out in the wilderness, rough and tough, horses, dirt, campfire cooked food, all around being a Man. and by no means is this smell harsh or over powering, it is a very light sent that disappears soon after being in the ‘stache.

The Natural colored wax

Now getting the Stiff wax into the stash is where I had a little trouble. Scraping this stuff out is TUFF! I though Queen City wax was a gummy wax, boy was I wrong! Scraping this wax out of the tin without warming it up is like… Scraping old gum off of your shoe… Very stiff and sticky…. BUT ALL of that changes as soon as you warm it up. I found that using the “warm it up in your pocket” technique would take a little bit longer that I had in the mornings to get ready. So what I did was use the trusty old hair dryer. I did need to take a little bit longer with the heat, but once this stuff is soft it is very easily worked into the ‘stache.

As for the Soft wax, It is still a very sticky, gummy wax, it just is nowhere near as stiff as the Stiff wax. With the Soft wax I did not need to use the hair dryer, just warming it up in the fingers worked fine. Applying the Soft wax was just as easy as the Stiff once warmed up.

Now for the hold:

Once in the ‘Stache, the Stiff wax did what I like waxes to do, it stiffened back up to what it was while in the tin. You will not need to worry about anything when this stuff is in the ‘stache! you can forget about DSS. I had no problems with fangs or droopy curls, this wax stiffened up almost as much as Bounder, but was still pliable to be able to reshape it.

The Soft wax did what you would expect from a softer wax, while it held its shape and for the most part stayed in place, I would say this would be a great wax for the center of the stache, if you are not wanting a “Slick” look for your entire ‘tache or you are just going for a more of a natural flowing look.


Now I wish I could say I had absolutely no problems with this wax, but I did. Washing this wax out was a little difficult for me. Yes this wax is what I would call a water-soluble wax, but it’s not at the same time. When washing out, the wax almost turns greasy and slippery, and does not want to quite come off. Although it was a little tricky to wash out, when I washed my face with face wash (like I do every morning) it all came out and I didn’t notice any greasiness. So maybe you just need to use soap to wash this out.. I’ll have to give it a try!


Overall I would say I am very happy with my experience with Wild Bill’s XXX, Yes this stuff is STIFF, so you WILL need to use something to warm it up before applying it to the ‘stache or you will lose a hair or two, but once warmed up, this wax is very easily applied and it stays exactly where you put it. Definitely a wax that everyone should have in their collection for those “Unruly” ‘stache days. So head on over to their Etsy shop and buy yourself a tin or two of Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax.


Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Queen City Handmade Moustache Wax

Now I hope all of you fellow ‘stache lovers had a fantastic holiday season! I hope you all kept your ‘stache stiff and out-of-the-way while indulging in some fantastic holiday food(Because I know I did). I know I have again been very late with my review but it was the holidays and I was lost in the beauty of my home town Boulder, CO. Alright, let’s get on with this review shall we?

Queen City Handmade Moustache Wax is one that I came across while on the wonderful world of Facebook. I was very interested in trying out this wax just because…. Well I don’t really have a reason, I was just interested in getting my hands on a tin of wax and giving it a shot!

I contacted Adam from Queen City and he was happy to ship me off a tin of his handmade moustache wax. When I received it in the mail I was excited to get it open and check out what was inside!

I opened up my package to a 1oz (actually the tin says .9oz but it is in the same type tin as a 1oz) tin of wax with a nice creative label on it.

I like the color choice for the label! It gives it something different then most other waxes out there.

Opening up the tin you see a dark yellows/orange colored wax. the color reminds me of what a beeswax should look like, nothing too dark, and nothing too light. The smell of the wax is very hard to put a name to, but my weird nose says something along the lines of a high quality chocolate. Yea, I know, weird right? well I guess you can say it smells like Beeswax and Petroleum Jelly, but that takes the fun out of it right?! The smell of the wax is quite pleasant actually, and in no way is it over powering while in the ‘tache.

The Dark Yellow/Orangeish color wax


When I first got the tin, I could hear the wax shaking around in it, and well, I had flashbacks of another wax that would shake around in the tin……. When I snapped back into reality I scraped some wax out and my nail got stuck! This wax is STIFF! Now it’s not stiff that it just flakes off like solid Beeswax would, it’s more like a thick sticky wax. As for warming this stuff up, it is fairly easy, this wax is a little bit “Gummy” so it is different then the other more solid waxes, but it does warm up nicely when paired with a hair dryer.

Applying it to the ‘stache is quite easy for being such a stiff wax. Once warmed up the wax it spreads easily into the ‘stache and working it into curls is also easy while the wax is warm.

As far as the hold, This wax stays pretty stiff while in the ‘stache, Like most waxes out there I did have to readjust the ‘stache a little bit, but I didn’t have to worry too much about DSS (Droopy ‘Stache Syndrome) throughout the day.


Overall I would say my experience with Queen City Moustache Wax was very enjoyable! Although the wax is very stiff and does take some time to get warmed up, applying it and keeping it styled in the ‘stache throughout the day is relatively easy. The smell of the wax is very nice and is not overpowering while in the ‘stache. If you are looking for a good stiff wax, then this would be one you should definitely have a look at. Head on over to their site and check them out, and order yourself a tin of wax for only $10.

A huge thanks to Adam of Queen City Handmade Moustache wax!


-Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax

Alrighty folks! I know you all have been chomping at the bit for another review… So, here it is!! (Don’t you worry, another one will be on its way this week)

Now, Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax is a wax company that actually contacted me about their wax. Although it took some time to actually get me their wax I finally got my hands on a tin.

When I received the tin, I was excited to see a tin design that is different then all the other ones I’ve seen. Now don’t get too excited it’s nothing extreme! It’s a screw top tin.. Ya, I know, whats the big deal? Well I like the fact that I have the security of the tin not opening while bouncing around in my pocket.

The Light Color of wax.

When I unscrewed the top, I saw the light yellowish wax. The color is nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal beeswax color. Now the smell of the wax is something that I actually had to search for a little bit. No, I didn’t actually need to go on an adventure to find the smell. I just needed to try a little bit harder to smell this wax. When I did find the smell, it was/is hard for me to actually tell what it smells like. I guess I would say it smells like, beeswax with a hint of chocolate. When I say beeswax I don’t mean honey, I mean wax.

Now for the firmness of the wax. Well when I received the tin i could hear the “Puck” of wax rattling around in the tin. Oh great, another STIFF wax that is going to give me hell when trying to get it into the ‘stache. Well, That’s not completely true. When warming up this wax I did find that I needed to use the hair dryer to warm it up, but once warmed, this wax was pretty easy to apply into the ‘stache. Although I did notice that you need to keep the wax warm, or else it is very possible to pull out a hair or two.

Once in the ‘stache this wax cools to a Medium/Firm wax. Throughout the day I didn’t have to worry about the curls drooping or falling out-of-place, but I did need to worry about the center of the ‘tache. I noticed that the center of my ‘stache just didn’t want to stay in place, but once I applied a little more wax I was normally able to fix the problem.

Overall I would say I enjoyed my time with Lecherous Lett’s, and hell with the name Lecherous, I just can’t help myself but laugh a little bit. So if you are at all interested in getting yourself some Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax (which I suggest) Head on over to their shop and buy yourself some!

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Gravy Jay’s Moustache Wax

Well folks, time for another Wax Review. Now I know that I have been a little off with my weekly wax reviews, but I have been trying my best to get to them as much as possible… Work has been keeping me quite busy!!

Now Gravy Jay’s has been a wax that I have wanted to review for a long time, and when it finally showed up at my door I was more than stoked to give it a go.¬†They make 3 different types of wax, their “Classic” (which I got), “Dark & Creamy” and their “Freedom Wax” which is free of any dyes and scents.

When I opened up my package I found not only a tin of wax but also a little spatula type thing for scraping out the wax. Is this wax THAT firm that you need a tool to get it out? I sure hope not!

My package from Gravy Jay's with the "Spatula" for wax scraping

Opening up the tin I saw a Light brownish wax, and the smell that hit me was quite hard for me to put a finger on, but it did remind me of something….Then it hit me, the smell of this wax reminds me of winter time as a kid…. Weird right? Well to explain that, my mom used to boil Cloves on the stove to make the house smell good, and this wax reminds me of that!!! So yea, I would say this wax has a spice/clove smell to it.

The light Brownish Wax

Now for the big question, Did I need the spatula?? Well, no, I didn’t use the spatula they gave me, but Yes this wax is real stiff. I must say I had some trouble warming this stuff up enough to where it was really workable into the ‘stache. I did notice that when I was trying to apply it, it mostly liked staying on my fingers and not actually spreading into my ‘tache. While warming the wax up I did need to grab the Hair dryer to actually warm the wax up enough to get it off my fingers and into the ‘stache, I feel that no matter how much time the wax spent in my pocket, it was still too hard to apply to the ‘stache. Working the it into curls was a little tricky because, even though the wax is stiff enough to need a hair dryer, it is soft enough to have trouble working into curls. Weird I know!! But once into curls, the ‘stache did stay in place for the most part. I did need to touch up the entire ‘stache as the day went on, and since I had trouble with warming the wax, I found this hard to do because I kept forgetting to bring my hair dryer with me where ever I went. <– That’s Sarcasm!! ūüôā

Overall my Gravy Jay’s Experiment was great! I did have some trouble with warming the wax and getting it into my ‘stache. With that aside I would say Grave Jay’s has a great wax. The smell is quite nice, not overpowering in any way, and stays at a nice hint throughout the day. The hold of the wax is good, although I did need to do a couple of touch-up throughout the day, but overall it held great.

A huge thanks to Julie from Gravy Jay’s!!! If you want to get yourself a tin, then head over to their website and get yourself a tin or two! A 2oz tin of wax is $11 and international shipping is $6. For 20z of wax I would say this is a great deal! So go buy yourself some Gravy Jay’s!


That’s all for now!

Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Cowboy Comb Official Moustache Wax

Now I’m sure all of you ‘stachers out there have heard of the infamous Cowboy Comb, well folks they also make a Moustache wax. (if you haven’t heard of them………well…… NOW you have!!)

Like every ‘stacher out there should, I ordered myself one of the Cowboy Combs, and with that order I got myself one of their 2oz tins of moustache wax.

My order from Cowboy Comb: The comb, a tin of wax, and free stickers!!

When I opened up the tin for the first time I saw a white colored wax, and the smell that hit me reminded me of Popsicle sticks, you know like when you were a kid and you made the Popsicle stick frames for your noodle artwork, yea that’s what the smell reminded me of, building Popsicle stick frames in school as a kid. Is it a bad smell you ask? Well no it’s not, actually the smell is only noticeable when the wax is in the tin, once applied to the ‘stache the smell seems to fade away.

As you can see, the wax is white. If not warmed up enough you will have some white flakes in the 'stache, so make sure to warm the wax up!

As for the hold, I would say this wax is a firm hold, and folks this stuff is really tough to get warmed up, and let me tell you, you need to warm this wax up! If not then you’ll pull out a hair or two! I used the hair dryer to get it warmed up, because I felt that the wax would not get as warm as it should while in my pocket. Once warm the wax is relatively easy to work into the ‘stache, you do need to work quickly as the wax will firm back up and you run the risk of pulling out a couple of hairs. Once in the ‘tache the wax is easy to shape into curls, and when in place this stuff stays put! -Well, mostly, the center of the ‘stache did have some trouble staying in place, and throughout the day I did need to fix it once or twice. As far as the curls go, I didn’t need to spend too much time fixing them, just a quick touch up in the mirror and they were good to go! As for the color, yes the wax is white, and no it will not turn your ‘stache white…. That is unless you do not warm it up enough to evenly spread throughout your ‘tache! So be careful of that!!

Overall I would say Cowboy Comb has themselves a fantastic wax, yes it is quite tricky to get warmed up, but overall it is a good firm wax. And of course you can’t forget about the comb, it is a fantastic comb! Great for combing wax through the ‘stache, and if needed it will easily comb your hair on the go. I always keep my comb in my pocket for the quick touch ups!

I highly suggest you go get yourself one of the Cowboy Combs, and while you’re at it grab yourself a 2oz tin of moustache wax, and at 9.99 for a 2oz tin, it is definitely on the cheaper side for a larger tin of wax.

-Until Then

-Keep Waxing!

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Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax (The Gentleman’s Stiffener)

Once again the Europeans have another fantastic wax under their belt! As many of you know Captain Fawcett’s is another one of the more well-known wax companies out there, so of course there are many various reviews out there already. After reading almost every review out there I was very interested and excited to get my hands on a jar of Captain Fawcett’s Patent Pomade and give it a shot for myself.

(I do love the fact that it is called “The Gentleman’s Stiffener”) haha!!

I was excited to receive my jar of wax in about a week of it being shipped. I felt that was a normal amount of time for it to reach me, since it was coming from almost half way across the globe, but the Captain thought it took a little bit long.

When I opened up my package I saw for the first time that Captain Fawcett’s doesn’t come in a tin like almost every other brand of wax out there, but it comes in a jar. I was also surprised to find 2 buttons a Moustache pin and a note from the captain as well.

The buttons, moustache pin, and the back of the note sent from Captain Peabody

I like to see something different other than the classic tin of wax

Currently you can get a jar of Captain Fawcett’s in 3 different scents: Sandalwood, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang. I asked the Captain which scents were his favorite and gave me the order of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, followed by the Lavender… So on his suggestion I went with a jar of Ylang Ylang. I must say I was a little cautious about choosing the Ylang Ylang, simply because I had no idea what Ylang Ylang smelled like! Well folks, let me tell you it has a very natural, “flowery”(it smells like flowers) scent to it. I read a review that said it is almost “Chemical” smelling, but I do not get that AT ALL. I will say that although the scent is very nice, it is at first a little strong, nothing that will make you feel like you’ve shoved flowers up your nose, but definitely noticeable and it does ware off throughout the day to a nice hint. The color of the wax is a neutral wax color, but it is not “Clear” as most waxes are, it has a creamy aspect to it.

The wax almost has a "Creamy" aspect to it.

As for warming the wax up I found that all you need to do is keep it in your pocket for a little bit (about 10min), scrape some into your fingers and roll the wax between them to warm it up some more. This wax is on the lighter side so you won’t have to spend too much time warming it between your fingers. Applying it to the ‘tache is fairly easy, although I will say that because this is a “Pomade” wax it does feel a little bit greasy on the fingers which I feel makes it a little bit harder to spread evenly through the ‘stache. Fear not! Just because it is a little tough doesn’t mean you can’t comb it through! -And that’s all you need to do, is comb it through and BAM evenly spread.

Alright onto the million dollar question, How is the hold? Well, although the website says it has a medium to firm hold, I would say that it is more of a light to medium hold. I say this because it is more of a “pomade” type wax and once warmed up it becomes very soft, and like I said before it turns a little bit “greasy”. Now this is not a bad thing at all! I just need a little bit of a stiffer wax to control my curls a little bit better, but I had no problems using Captain Fawcett’s as a base and adding a stiffer wax (It’s Sticky As Hell, Wacky Tacky… etc..) to the curls to help them stay in place a little bit longer. (I feel like I needed to use a stiffer wax as well because I have some UNRULY hairs in my ‘stache and they need some stiff stuff to comply with what I want them to do) Throughout the day I did need to add a little bit more wax to the ‘stache to keep things in place, but once they were fixed I did not need to worry much about it again. This wax would be perfect for those looking for more of a flowing moustache, instead of an upright tricked out crazy ‘stache.

I would say that Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax is another one that every Moustachioed man should have in their collection! The scent is definitely a plus, it smells fantastic! The hold is good, I would say definitely for a low-profile flowing ‘stache. Overall I am quite happy with my experience with Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax!

I highly suggest you go check out Captain Peabody Fawcett and his wax! for a 15ml jar of wax it is about $13.60 and  shipping to the US is about $3.20 So I would say this is on the pricier side for wax, but it is well worth it to support a fellow Moustache lover!

I must send many thanks to the Captain Fawcett crew! A fine bunch over there, very nice and helpful!!!

(BONUS: During the month of November Captain Fawcett will be donating 50p (not sure how much that is in US dollars) of every pot of moustache wax sold to the noble cause of Movember) SO GO BUY SOME WAX!!!!!! SHARE THE LOVE!!!

Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff!!

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Hndlebars Moustache Wax

I know a lot of people with a fantastic handlebar moustache have a fancy for the two wheeled man-powered means of transportation, that’s right I’m talking about Bicycles. During a ride, one might find himself worried about his ‘stache and the beating it is taking from the wind. Well, a man who fancies a long bike ride has made a wax to stop the droop! And what a better name for the wax than Hndlebars (Not sure if its because of the ‘stache, or the bike)

I have read many things about Hndlebars Moustache Wax but all seem to say the same thing, “The hold is great, but the smell is not.” Well folks, I have to agree.

I do like the artwork on tin!

When my tin of Hndlebars arrived I was finally able to put all stipulations about the smell to rest……. It smells like Lanolin!!! – Now I know other waxes use Lanolin, which makes me wonder why Hndlebars has such a strong (almost “Old man”) scent. Maybe they use a less refined Lanolin?? Who knows.. But one thing I do know is that this scent does take some time to get used to. I can say that it does remind me of the Count Justinian waxes, but Hndlebars scent is a little bit stronger and harsher to the nose.

As for the hold that everyone seemed to be talking about, I would have to somewhat agree with them on that one, It does have a firm hold, but no where near the hold and stiffness of Rex Wax. I did like the way that Hndlebars held the ‘stache in place throughout the day, although it was a little tricky getting my ¬†unruly ‘tache to cooperate with me, when I did get it in place it stayed put! As for warming the wax up, I didn’t find myself needing the use of the blow dryer, I just kept it in my pocket while I was doing my morning routine, an by the time I was ready to wax my ‘stache (about 10 min) the wax was warm enough to work in my fingers and through the ‘stache. I did notice that I sometimes needed to add more wax to the tips to keep the hair together so I wouldn’t have any stray hairs or multiple unwanted¬†curls.

Hndlebars has a neutral wax color, so you won't have to worry about it changing the color of your 'stache

My experience with Hndlebars Moustache Wax went quite well! I did find the hold quite desirable, it was a stiff hold that held throughout the day. The smell was something that does take a while to get used to, and was a bit harsh on the nose.

If your looking for a solid hold in a ‘stache wax and are not to worried about how it smells then Hndlebars is the wax for you! So head on over to Hndlebars and buy yourself some wax! For $7.50 a tin it is on the cheaper side for a 1oz tin of wax.

(SIDE NOTE: As for the smell, I found that if I spread some High Life on it, the two scents somehow worked together and made a very pleasant smell)

Until Next Time

-Stay Waxed

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Rex Wax (Revisited)

As many of you might have guessed I was not to keen on Rex Wax when I first did my review. Well I wasn’t to happy with my experience with it.¬†The wax was too stiff, I could not get it to soften up enough to spread it through the ‘stache.

Well my friends, I just needed more time with this wax. If I actually took some time to get it spread through my fingers and really worked it into my ‘stache. I found that if I had another wax in my ‘stache, almost like a base wax, I was able to work it into the ‘stache a lot easier then without any sort of base wax.

I found out that because Rex Wax is so stiff I could use it whenever I was having a “Bad ‘Stache” day, when my whiskers are really unruly and I need some serious help I will always go for my tin of Rex Wax to stiffen things up… I’ll stay away from the innuendos… I feel that Rex Wax is best for the ends of the ‘stache, because I have so much trouble spreading it into the center I feel that it works best on the ends for some real stiff curls and a serious hold.

So if you are in need of some serious ‘stache control I will now say that Rex Wax is the wax you should grab! It’s stiffness is what I need for those days when my ‘tache needs to be tamed! -And I know every one of you have those days when your ‘stache just won’t do what you want-

Thanks again to Paul and Rex Wax!

Until Next Time

-Keep That ‘Stache Stiff

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Foad Wax

European (I now stand corrected about my Geography)¬†British waxes have seemed to always have an advantage over the American made waxes. Could that be because the facial hair epidemic has only just become such a huge thing over here in the US? Well I can’t answer you that, but I can tell you that the Britt’s make some of the best waxes out on the market today!

Foad Wax is one of the 3 European (Again my ignorant USA world geography comes into play haha) British waxes I have so far, and let me tell you, It does not disappoint!

My tin arrived while I was on vacation back home in Boulder, CO and I couldn’t wait to get back home and open up my package. When I got home the first thing I did was open up my package from Mr. Foad himself. What I found inside was a .5oz tin of wax with a cartoon drawing of Mr. Foad’s face on it.

The cartoon drawing of Mr. Foad

Opening the tin you find a dark yellow/greenish wax and you get the scent of the Essential Oils Mr. Foad uses. The scent of this wax is fantastic, yet not overpowering at all. There is really no other way to explain the smell other than the Essential Oils, it smells like…well…Essential Oils…

A dark yellowish/greenish wax

As for the wax I would say it is a firm wax.
I must say I did have some trouble warming this wax up, it seems as if the normal warming it in your pocket just doesn’t cut it. I tried using the blow dryer one or twice and it did seem to help. But most days I just kept it in my pocket(I always seemed to run out of time in the morning to use the blow dryer). Because I had some trouble warming it up applying it to the ‘stache was a little tricky. I had trouble spreading it evenly throughout the ‘tache. I think the reason for this is because the wax has Gum Arabic in it, which it seems like it makes it “gummy” and harder to get off your fingers and into the ‘stache.
Once I got the wax into the ‘stache I was set for most of the day, unless I had myself a cup or two of coffee. Gum Arabic is water-soluble which is good when trying to wash the wax out of the ‘stache but not too good while trying to keep it in the ‘stache. Other then having some minor droopage if I had a hot drink. I didn’t have to worry¬†about the dreaded DSS or the Fangs.

Overall Foad wax is great, although I had a little bit of a tricky time warming it up, I would say this is another fantastic wax for the British! The scent of this wax is awesome, it smells natural so it is something I had no problem putting so close to my mouth. The hold of this wax is great, and you won’t really have to worry about having to do too much readjusting throughout the day.

Mr. Foad is a great guy so head on over to his site and get yourself some of his wax. He sells his wax in .5oz tins for what equals out in US Dollars to be around $7.96 and $3 for shipping to the US.

Until Next Time

-Keep That Wax In The ‘Stache

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Count Justinian Moustache Wax (Classic, It’s Sticky As Hell)

My apologies for taking so long on writing this review! I have been very busy this past week  and this is the only time I have found to actually sit down and write this review.

Count Justinian Moustache Wax, was the first wax that I came across. The Count himself contacted me when I first began growing a ‘stache…. It’s like he knew………. I must say I was a little reluctant to try it, since it was a new product and there were no reviews on it. Well here one is!

I was wrong by second guessing The Count and his wax! both of these waxes are great! After I had done some experimentation with waxes I was finally willing and actually very excited to try the Classic wax, but when the Count told me that he was going to be releasing a stiffer I was even more interested in trying his waxes. When he finally released the It’s Sticky As Hell I think I was one of the first people to purchase it, because I was so eager to get a hold of his waxes.

I do like the tins a lot! Very simple and clean

When my package came in the mail I found my individually wrapped 1oz tins of wax, I almost didn’t want to take them out of their little bags! -But then how could I have reviewed them…

I started out with the Classic wax, since it was the original and “Classic” hold and I would have something to compare to it later.

The smell is the first thing that hits you when you first open the tin, I was very taken back by the smell!! I don’t think I can put it any other way then “It grabs you by the boo boo…”(Cheech & Chong Reference there)¬†I have no Idea what to compare this scent to, so I can’t tell you what it smells like (It’s almost “Clinical”), I can just tell you that it is a very strong. Is it a good smell you ask? Well to tell you the truth, I don’t like it. The scent does dissipate when out of the tin and it ¬†wares off throughout the day, so I got over the fact that it was so strong while in the tin. I am not sure what is giving this wax such a strong smell, it could be any of the ingredients really. But since it only has the normal 3 (beeswax, petroleum jelly, lanolin) ingredients nothing stuck out to me more then the others.

The Classic wax. It's a classic beeswax color

As for the wax itself, I would say that it is a medium/firm hold, and the color is a dark yellowy beeswax. It is very easy to soften up between your fingers by rubbing some wax in between them. I would say this is one of the easiest waxes to warm up! Spreading it through the ‘stache is very easy once the wax is warmed up. I did notice that I needed to add a bit more to the ends of my ‘tache to keep it in curls. (I also fixed this problem by adding some of the Sticky As Hell.) With that problem solved I was met with infamous “fangs” as the day went on. -They were not serious fangs, just a little droopage in the center of the ‘tache throughout the day. But fear not, I was able to fix them by readjusting the ‘stache, and sometimes adding a little bit more wax.

As for the It’s Sticky As Hell:

When I spoke with The Count about this wax, I asked him how much stiffer it was going to be than his Classic wax. “This new wax will be very¬†stiff.

Oh no, I hope its not as stiff and tricky as Rex Wax.

Well, good news! It’s not! It’s Sticky As Hell is exactly what it should be, a firmer version of the Classic! Which is a good thing!!

Actually the only bad thing about It’s Sticky As Hell being the firmer version of the Classic, is the fact that it has the same smell. Although the scent is not as strong as the Classic, it still has the same smell… Which is something that I eventually got used to after using the wax every day. The color was a little bit lighter then the classic, which actually surprised me considering it is the firmer wax. But hey color doesn’t really matter when it turns out clear in the ‘stache. EDIT FROM THE COUNT ABOUT COLOR:¬†

The slight difference in color between your two tins is unrelated to the different styles of wax. It is due to the very nature of beeswax. We use only 100% natural beeswax with no dyes or other additives, and so far we have been able to source all of our beeswax from the same bee farm. The bee farmer explained to us that the wax changes in shade from season to season based on the pollen the bees are working on at the time.

It's Sticky As Hell. As you can see it's a little lighter then the Classic

Warming this stuff up was almost the same as before, it did take a little bit longer because this is definitely a firmer wax. But once it was warmed up it was easy to apply to the ‘stache. If I were to compare this stuff to any other wax I would have to say it is most like Firehouse (WT), It has none of the Tackyness that Firehouse has, But the firmness is close.

As for the hold, It’s Sticky As Hell is more of what I needed to hold the big curls that I like in my ‘tache. I did not have to do too much adjusting throughout the day, but a few little things here and there (mainly because I am quite picky about how my ‘stache looks). Thankfully I did not have to worry about the dreaded “fangs” when I used It’s Sticky As Hell, because of the firmness it has.

Overall my experience with Count Justinian’s waxes was very pleasant!! I love how easy the Classic is to warm up and apply to the ‘tache, and I love the firmness that It’s Sticky As Hell has to offer! The one and only downside this wax has is definitely the scent, but like I said before I’m sure The Count could easily fix that. The color of the wax is neutral so you don’t have to worry about it changing the color of your ‘tache, unless you have a DARK DARK colored ‘stache.

I Highly suggest you go check out The Count and his waxes! The price for his wax is what I would say on the cheaper side, at $8 a tin and $2 for shipping and $.50 for the second tin. I got myself both tins of 1oz wax for $18.50!! Definitely one you should all add to your collection!

BONUS PIC. It's Sticky As Hell on the left, Classic on the right. As you can see It's Sticky As Hell is a tad bit lighter color then the Classic

Until Then

-Keep That Upper Lip Waxed

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