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Herban Lifestyle MAN Moustache Pomade

Alrighty folks, It’s time again for another review!

Now, thanks to the masses of the internet will all of these “Man” sites popping up (And no I’m not talking about THAT type of “man” site) But sites about mens grooming and about being a true gentleman. Well thanks to one of these sites I found this ‘stache wax, and let me tell you I am quite excited about it!


I found this wax on a Man site, and it immediately stuck my interest being a moustache wax that I have yet to hear of! I contacted Herban Lifestyle and they were happy to send me a tin to be reviewed.

When I received the tin I noticed a very natural looking label, now I know it’s weird for a label to be “natural looking” But this off white paper label with simple black text looked natural to me.

As you can see, a very “natural” Label

When I opened up the tin I saw a creamy looking wax (which is another reason why I was interested in trying it) and automatically it reminded me of a wax that I have already reviewed and REALLY liked…

The scent of this wax was unlike any other wax I’ve tried…. And I must say the scent at first was very off-putting and hard to explain, but the only thing I could connect it to was cigarette smoke.. Ya I know, weird right? WELL at first this scent was quite off-putting, but after a couple uses I started to like the musky, woodsy, smokey scent. I did notice that the scent disappeared throughout the day, so I didn’t have to deal with it for very long.

See? Looks like another well known wax right?

Now when I first dug my nail into this wax, my suspicion about this wax being like one from the past was put into reality. This stuff was not a Wax, it was soft and creamy… That’s right folks, this stuff reminded me of Bounder. So being a soft and creamy wax, I knew that it was going to be another one of those drying waxes… If that makes sense. This stuff gets its hold from drying out JUST like Bounder, which also means this stuff IS water washable (but we’ll get to that later).

Applying this stuff to the ‘stache is quite easy as it is a creamy wax. But like Bounder, you need to work quickly to get it into the ‘stache so it doesn’t dry out and start to pull hairs out (trust me, I lost a couple in the process) Once into the ‘stache this stuff is very easily shaped into curls, and once in position, those curls are going NOWHERE! This stuff dries STIFF, now I’m not talking Firehouse WT stiff, I’m talking Cement stiff! With this wax in your ‘stache you do not need to worry about any sort of droopage in the curls. Being a water washable wax, you do need to worry about the center of the ‘tache, but if you’re careful with your drinking then you will be fine.

Now like I’ve said this stuff (like Bounder) is water washable. I was surprised by how easy it was to wash out, because of how stiff this wax hardened during the day. I normally use soap to wash out my ‘stache at the end of the night, but with this wax I was able to just use some warm water. Although it did take a little longer than when I used soap, but I was still able to completely wash it out with just water.

**One thing I will point out about this wax is that, once “dry”, if you try to restyle, or fix the stache too much it will start to flake off and you will be left with white flecks of dry wax floating throughout your ‘stache. So be weary of that because nobody likes flakes in their ‘stache!**


Overall I would say I really liked this wax. For those of you who liked Bounder and are looking for a wax that is quite similar to Bounder (AND a ways cheaper) Then I highly suggest you have a look at this wax. I will say that because this wax dries out, you need to keep the lid on as much as possible. I say this because I noticed that over time, the wax started to harden and dry out in the tin. I’m sure that Herban Lifestyle can fix this problem by packaging this wax in a smaller tin (Which is exactly what Mr. Wax did with Bounder). But other than that, I was very happy with this stuff, it stays stiff (as hell) throughout the entire day, and is easily washed out at the end of the night.

If you’re interested in trying this stuff out, head on over to Herban Lifestyle and pick yourself up a tin or two. NOW remember, this is the Moustache Pomade, they also make a Moustache Wax which I would be very interested in trying as well! BUT HEY Buy yourself a tin of both! At $10 for a 1oz tin of wax, this stuff is right on with almost every other wax out there as far as price.

A huge thanks to Mary over at Herban Lifestyle!


Until Next Time

-Stay Waxy

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Firehouse Moustache Wax (Dark)

Alrighty folks, it’s time again to get back on the reviewing train and make some progress through these waxes I’ve had sitting around for a while.

Firehouse Wacky Tacky was one of the first waxes I tried and I instantly fell in love with it so I was more than excited to have the chance to review another one of their products. When I contacted them about ordering a new tin of the Wacky Tacky they were kind enough to include a tin of their Dark wax so I could give it a review.

Like I said in my first review of Firehouse, they have three different waxes; Light, Dark, and Wacky Tacky.. When I received my tin of Dark I wasn’t expecting much different from the WT based on the pictures off the website.

WELL I was right, when I opened the tin of Dark I saw a familiar color wax and got a whiff of what I feel is the exact same natural scent. I know I was very vague in my WT review about the scent, but now that I’ve had more time with the waxes, I would say the scent of this stuff is a wood, fire, toasty scent. Now it’s not over powering, but It smells quite nice!

The Dark Wax, As you can tell it’s almost the same color of the WT

When I said I was right about the waxes being not too different I was almost completely right. When you think of Wacky Tacky you think of a sticky, tackier wax, and that’s what you get with WT. With the Dark, I was expecting almost the same wax, just without the stickiness of the WT… AND I was right! The Dark wax is a lighter, less sticky version of the Wacky Tacky.

Scraping this stuff out of the tin is quite easy, and warming this stuff up is quite easy as well.. You don’t need to grab the hair dryer to heat this stuff up, BUT I have a thing about heating Beeswax based waxes up with the hair dryer… SO I usually did. Applying this wax to the ‘stache is easy as well, because it is less sticky than the WT you don’t need to worry about pulling hairs out.

As for the hold, I will reaffirm that this stuff is a lighter/less sticky version of the WT. It held my curls well throughout the day, but I did notice that when I was out in the hot car I started to get a little droopage, but with a little blast of the A/C I was able to adjust the curls back into place and set things up a bit.

Now I know this is a short review, but I think I’ve said all I need to say about this… It’s lighter and less sticky than Wacky Tacky. Almost the same color (WT is darker) and the exact same scent.

Look!! See I told you the Dark was lighter than the WT… 🙂 (The Dark is on the left)

Overall I think Firehouse has another great wax on their hands, I think I will use this one more during the winter when it cools off, or for days when I want to loosen things up in my ‘stache. I think this wax would be good for those of you who are just starting to experiment with waxes, It’s got a good amount of hold, but it’s very easy to work with. At the same price of the WT (and ALL Firehouse waxes) a 1oz tin of this stuff goes for $8, and with shipping to the U.S for $3 (which went up from when I reviewed WT) I would say head over to their site and pick yourself up a tin or two of ALL Firehouse waxes!

Thanks again to John and Kristine from Firehouse for their fantastic Customer Service!


Until Next Time-

Keep That Upper Lip Stiff


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Madame Scodioli: Whisker Wax

During my vast searches on the interweb I have come across many companies with their own ‘stache wax. I always love coming across a new wax, it means that I (Hopefully) can give it a try!

One company that I came across was Madame Scodioli, A maker of hand-made soap, perfume and other various health and beauty products. and what do you know… They have a Whisker Wax!!!

Now When I first contacted Madam Scodioli about her Whisker Wax, I was informed that this was a “light” wax meant for light shaping… Well, even though I was “Warned” I was still surprised by what I received..

When I first opened up the package I was met by a strong, natural scent that immediately sparked a memory of my home town (Boulder, Colorado)… Now I can’t really put a name on what this scent is… But let me tell you it is a very natural, almost “Hippy” like scent. Now I say it reminds me of Boulder because, well, Boulder has MANY Hippies/Natural stores where you would find 70’s rock posters, flags covering the lights so the atmosphere has a dim odd lit feel.. Ya VERY hard to describe. On the tin (and site) it says that it is the Gray Skies scent. They offer a couple more scents which I would love to see what the smell like! I’m sure they are all great.

The clean, different label.. I dig it!!

I took out the tin and saw a black label with white writing and a picture of who I’m guessing is Madame Scodioli.. It is a very different label then the ones I’ve mainly seen, being black with white text.. But for some reason I like it, it’s clean.

Opening the tin you’re met with the exact same scent that met me when I first opened the package.. Yet it’s stronger and more potent than before…Well that might be because it was thin of wax that gave the package the scent! I must say that at first it was a bit over powering, it filled the room up..

The color of this wax is a very natural wax color.. Ya man…

Scraping this wax out of the tin was, well, EASY! This wax is LIGHT! Now I’m talking about lighter than Captain Fawcett’s, CVS brand.. All of those light waxes, this stuff is way lighter! I would classify this “Wax” as a pomade and not really a wax, because it doesn’t really have any waxy qualities to it. Because it’s so light, you hardly need to spend any time warming this stuff up.

Now is this a bad thing that it’s so light? Well, NO! I know that most people are looking for a wax that will hold their ‘stache all day without budging, but what about those who are trying to wear a Natural ‘stache? Well I think I have found the wax for you! This wax is very easily applied and offers only enough hold to shape your ‘stache very naturally. While this stuff offers hardly any hold, it leaves the ‘stache with a nice glow and a very natural scent.

I know this is a short review but I’m not sure what else to say about Madam Scodioli’s Whisker Wax… This stuff is made for the wearer of the au-naturale Moustache! The scent is very strong, but I found that leaving the tin open for a little helps “air” it out a little bit. After a while the scent does die down to a softer whiff which is nice! Overall I would say what I’ve said over and over in this review, it’s a light hold for a natural looking ‘stache. The scent it very nice after it dies down a bit, and it gives the ‘stache a nice glow.

For those of you looking for something to shape up that Natural ‘stache of yours, head on over to Madame Scodioli’s Etsy site and get yourself a tin of their Whisker Wax. While you’re there make sure you check out what other fantastic products they have!


Until Next TIme

-Stay Waxed

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Harry’s Best Deluxe Moustache Wax

Now I have had a couple of companies contact me about doing a “Private” review for their wax. Harry’s (actually the guys name is Bill) was one of the first people to contact me about doing a private review… Well I did that, and Bill have me the go ahead to do a public review… SO here it is folks..

Ok, so lets start out with the name: Harry’s Best Deluxe Moustache Wax… But I thought the guys name was Bill… Well it is, Bill created this wax and named it after his Grandfather whom sported a “Luxurious ‘Stache”.

Alright, on to the review.. When I received my package from Bill, I was surprised to see a tin and a tube of wax, both wrapped individually in some paper. When I finally got the courage to unwrap the tin I saw a nice light yellow label with a cartoon picture of Bill on the front.

The nice yellowish label with a picture of Bill and his ‘stache

On the label it says Formula 25, I looked on his website and found that Bill previously had 24 other formulas and he finally found the right combination of oils and various waxes…WELL Let’s see if he was right about Formula 25..

Opening the tin you see a white wax and the scent you get is a very light beeswax scent. There is obviously no added scent and or color, so that means that you will not have to worry about it coloring your ‘stache and or making it smell funny!

The white colored wax…

Scraping the wax out of the tin you realize it is a medium wax, and once you start warming it between your fingers the wax melts almost instantly. once warmed the white color disappears and you’re left with a clear wax. Warming this wax is very easy, like I said it melts almost instantly when you start rubbing it between your fingers. If you find that it is still a little too tough for you to warm (Which I highly doubt) Try keeping it in your pocket for a few minutes and it speeds up the warming process. Applying this stuff is very easy since it warms up so nicely. This wax spreads very easily in the ‘stache so you don’t have to worry about getting any clumps.

Now because this wax was so easily warmed up I was a little worried about the hold of this wax…Well I wasn’t completely wrong… This wax sets up nicely but because it is a medium wax you wont be able to get huge curls. I did notice that I did have to worry about the center of the ‘stache throughout the day, but since I had the handy-dandy tube of wax I was able to re-apply very easily when needed. Because this wax is a medium wax I would say to save this wax for the cooler days as it melts so easily.

Washing this wax out is very easy, I found that a little warm water and a dab of soap will wash this stuff right out.

Overall I would say this is a great wax for those who are looking for a wax with a good amount of hold but nothing that requires an excavator to get out of the tin. This wax is also great for those who are not looking for a strong scented wax, as this only has the light scent of beeswax. Also this wax is great for those who want a wax that is easily washed out, a tad of soap and some warm water and you have a fresh un-waxed ‘stache. For $5.79 for a 1oz tin and for $2.90 for a “Chap-Stick” tube of wax with free shipping to the US, head on over to their site and get your self a tin or two of Harry’s Best Deluxe Moustache Wax, make sure you let them know I sent you!

A huge thanks to Bill and Harry’s Best! My apologies for the late review (I’ve been slacking a lot lately)

Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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True Wax

Again, This is another long overdue review….

This is a wax that I’ve been really excited to review, mainly because of the scent!! -But we’ll get to that in a little bit.

True Wax -For The True Man. Well That’s exactly what this wax is, It’s for the true man! -Again we’ll get to that later.

Opening up the package you see the bright red label with an old timey boxer with a fantastic handle bar moustache. The 1oz tin has a nice pop to it that makes it stick out from the other white labeled tins.

I dig the red label with the fantastically handlebared boxer on it.

Opening the tin you see a yellow whitish wax, and you get smacked in the face by the clove scent. Yes this wax smells like cloves. Now I know I’ve said it before but I love the smell of clove, it reminds me of my childhood at christmas time so whats not to like… Well one thing, it is a little overpowering while in the tin, BUT it all changes when applied to the ‘stache. The scent dies down to a nice small clove aroma.

The Whitish yellowish wax.

Alright, This is what I was talking about when I said It’s really for the “true man.” Although on their Facebook the guys from True Wax say that their wax is a Medium-Hard wax. Well I only kind of agree with that. While in the tin this stuff is REAL stiff, I would not recommend trying to apply this stuff without using a hair dryer to first warm it up. The best way I found was to scrape a ball out and use the hair dryer on low while rolling it between my fingers. I found that this helps evenly warm up the wax, making it easier to apply it without pulling any hairs out. Once in the ‘stache this wax is very easy to style into curls. Once the wax is styled it stays there throughout the day without much drooping. BUT it does not harden like other stiff waxes, which is why I agree with the Medium-Hard wax.

One down side to that I had with this wax (that I’ve also had with other white waxes) is that late in the day, after eating, drinking, and a lot of natural movement of the ‘stache. I did experience some flaking. I was usually able to fix it by readjusting my ‘stache, but it was still something that I had to keep an eye out for.


Overall I liked this wax A LOT, I love the clove scent, although some have said it’s too strong, I felt it was just right. It was definitely tough to get out of the tin and warmed up, but once warmed it was great in the ‘stache and it stayed in place throughout the entire day. I must send a huge thanks to Trevor and Joshua from True Wax. If you’re at all interested in this wax (which I HIGHLY suggest) then head on over to their site and grab yourself a tin of their wax. At $15 for a (shipped) 1oz tin of wax, this wax is right on with every other wax for price!


-Until Next Time!

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Man’s Face Stuff

Now this review is LONG overdue and I apologize to the great guys at Man’s Face Stuff for the delayed review. It is hard to keep track of all the different waxes…

Alright lets get started…

The Haul from Man's Face Stuff

When my order arrived I received two tins of their wax. The tins they sent me were their best-selling scents, which when they arrived I could see why they were. Man’s Face Stuff is known for the various different scents that they have.  The scents of these waxes were very different from any of the other waxes I’ve reviewed.

The first wax that I tried was the “Gin & Tonic”. When you open the tin you see a light yellow wax, and the scent of the wax is what I would guess Gin & Tonic to smell like… I don’t drink, but I’m not sure Gin and or Tonic has much of a scent, BUT I know that usually you get a lime slice with your drink SO the scent that I get from this wax is Lime… The scent is somewhat overpowering at first but once in the ‘stache the scent dissipates throughout the day.

The Gin & Tonic

The second wax they sent me was their “All Nighter”. Opening this tin you see a light brownish wax (almost like Coffee). The smell of this wax is a little confusing to my nose. On their website they say “contains notes of fresh pipe tobacco, sweetened coffee, and just a hint of frankincense.”  Well I do get the coffee, and pipe tobacco… And what the hell is frankincense… Well I looked it up and the scent that it brings to the table is – balsamic-spicy, slightly lemon.. And if I try hard enough I can get a slight hint of it. Now the scent of this wax is like the other, a little overpowering. I find this wax to be a little bit more overpowering then the last, but like the other it wares off over the day.

The All Nighter

Now the only thing different from the two waxes that I can tell were the scents, other than that, I could see no difference in the hold, how it is to warm and apply.

I would say that the waxes are a medium hold. Scraping it out of the tin is quite easy, and warming it between your fingers is again relatively easy. This is a wax that I didn’t need any extra help to warm up. Just a little bit of time in the fingers and it was warmed enough to spread into the ‘stache.  Since this is a medium hold wax I was still able to achieve the large curls that I like, but I did have to worry about droopage as the day went on.

Overall I would say Man’s Face Stuff has some unique waxes! The scents are great, and the hold is good for a sweeping ‘stache. If I were you I’d head over to their Etsy site and check them out and their various scents they have! They sell their 1oz tins of wax for $9 so this wax is right smack in the middle of the price range.

Thanks to the guys from Man’s Face Stuff for the support of the blog and sending me some great stuff!


I also ordered a tin of their Beard Balm, and this stuff is also a great product! The smell of this is Tea Tree Oil, which is a great healthy natural smell. This is a very light wax that spreads nicely through the beard and keeps stray hairs in place for a cleaner looking beard. At $18 for a 4oz tin, if you have a Beard and need to reign it in, then get yourself some!

The Beard Balm


Until Next Time Folks

Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Meister’s Old Fashioned Moustache Wax

I hope everyone had a fantastic Super Bowl weekend, and didn’t get too wild and crazy! I didn’t really care who won the game so I just watched it for the commercials, I mean the game itself wasn’t even that exciting! -for those not in the US and don’t know what the Super Bowl is; it’s the championship game for Football (yes, American Football.. or Hand Egg as it should be called!!)

Meister’s Old Fashioned Moustache Wax is a wax that I again found on Facebook, Oh the wonderful world of social networking.

I was excited when I received my tin of wax… I mean who isn’t excited when they get something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk. So of course I was excited, AND it was another wax for me to try.

I opened my package and found the very basic yet classy black and white label on the tin. I do like how it is simple and to the point.

The very simple but classic looking tin.

Opening up the tin you see a white wax, and after taking a whiff it reminded me almost exactly of Cowboy Comb Moustache Wax. But there was something different about this smell. I turned the tin over and read what was in it, and what do you know this wax has Rose Water in it. I then smelled it again and it is very slight but if you think about it you can smell the rose. But who knows that could just be me thinking it actually does :). But other then that this wax does smell somewhat like Cowboy Comb’s wax.

The wax looks a little cream colored in this picture but It looks white while in the tin.

Scraping this wax off is tough! This is what I was talking about in my Wild Bill’s review about a stiff wax that is flakey. This wax is VERY stiff when scraping off and the best way to describe it would be it flakes. So is this wax really that stiff? Well, No. Once you start warming it up in-between your fingers the wax softens very nicely, but it does get a little “Greasy”, and I hate to say it but it stays that way while applying it to the ‘tache and throughout the day. Applying it is very easy since it softens up so nicely, but it stays that way, which I find a little bit weird for a wax that is SO stiff in the tin to not harden up after being applied to the ‘stache. Throughout the day I did have to worry about readjusting it to keep it in place. I did have a little bit of trouble keeping the large curls that I like, but I did manage to get smaller curls to stay in place.

Washing this wax out was very easy, since this wax didn’t harden back up like some other ones, it was very easy to wash out with water and a little bit of soap.

Overall I would say this wax would be a good one for someone who is not looking for the stiffest thing in the world but for something to keep their whiskers in place throughout the day while keeping a natural flow to it. The smell was hardly noticeable after being in the ‘stache, and it was a pleasant scent to begin with. This wax is white so you do have to worry about some noticeable flakes throughout the day but after a little readjusting they disappear.

A huge thanks to Todd from Meister’s Old Fashioned Moustache Wax. For all of you out there, head on over to their site and buy yourself a tin of their wax! This wax is definitely on the cheaper side for a 1oz tin, at $7.95 a tin you can’t go wrong!

Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax

Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax is a wax that I found while searching the wonderful website of Etsy. Etsy is a fantastic website for people to sell their handmade items, and what a better place for people to sell their own concoction of moustache wax!

Upon receiving my package from Wild Bill’s I was happy to see that they had sent me a tin of their Stiff wax, as well as a tube of their Soft wax. The tin I received is one of the .5oz tins, and the tube is a normal Chapstick tube size (about .15oz)

"It Tickles The Ladies Fancy" what it says on the band around the cap of the tube and on the back of the tin.

The color of the wax is not surprising to say the least, it is a lightish yellow wax color. (I would be a little worried if I found a tin of a brightly colored wax, I like natural colors for a wax that will be so close to my mouth 🙂 ) The smell of this is a very light lanolin smell. Now I know when people hear the word Lanolin they get a little worried because, Lanolin smells like an old man. Well fear not, although this does smell like lanolin, it almost reminds me of being a Cowboy… Out in the wilderness, rough and tough, horses, dirt, campfire cooked food, all around being a Man. and by no means is this smell harsh or over powering, it is a very light sent that disappears soon after being in the ‘stache.

The Natural colored wax

Now getting the Stiff wax into the stash is where I had a little trouble. Scraping this stuff out is TUFF! I though Queen City wax was a gummy wax, boy was I wrong! Scraping this wax out of the tin without warming it up is like… Scraping old gum off of your shoe… Very stiff and sticky…. BUT ALL of that changes as soon as you warm it up. I found that using the “warm it up in your pocket” technique would take a little bit longer that I had in the mornings to get ready. So what I did was use the trusty old hair dryer. I did need to take a little bit longer with the heat, but once this stuff is soft it is very easily worked into the ‘stache.

As for the Soft wax, It is still a very sticky, gummy wax, it just is nowhere near as stiff as the Stiff wax. With the Soft wax I did not need to use the hair dryer, just warming it up in the fingers worked fine. Applying the Soft wax was just as easy as the Stiff once warmed up.

Now for the hold:

Once in the ‘Stache, the Stiff wax did what I like waxes to do, it stiffened back up to what it was while in the tin. You will not need to worry about anything when this stuff is in the ‘stache! you can forget about DSS. I had no problems with fangs or droopy curls, this wax stiffened up almost as much as Bounder, but was still pliable to be able to reshape it.

The Soft wax did what you would expect from a softer wax, while it held its shape and for the most part stayed in place, I would say this would be a great wax for the center of the stache, if you are not wanting a “Slick” look for your entire ‘tache or you are just going for a more of a natural flowing look.


Now I wish I could say I had absolutely no problems with this wax, but I did. Washing this wax out was a little difficult for me. Yes this wax is what I would call a water-soluble wax, but it’s not at the same time. When washing out, the wax almost turns greasy and slippery, and does not want to quite come off. Although it was a little tricky to wash out, when I washed my face with face wash (like I do every morning) it all came out and I didn’t notice any greasiness. So maybe you just need to use soap to wash this out.. I’ll have to give it a try!


Overall I would say I am very happy with my experience with Wild Bill’s XXX, Yes this stuff is STIFF, so you WILL need to use something to warm it up before applying it to the ‘stache or you will lose a hair or two, but once warmed up, this wax is very easily applied and it stays exactly where you put it. Definitely a wax that everyone should have in their collection for those “Unruly” ‘stache days. So head on over to their Etsy shop and buy yourself a tin or two of Wild Bill’s XXX Moustache Wax.


Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Queen City Handmade Moustache Wax

Now I hope all of you fellow ‘stache lovers had a fantastic holiday season! I hope you all kept your ‘stache stiff and out-of-the-way while indulging in some fantastic holiday food(Because I know I did). I know I have again been very late with my review but it was the holidays and I was lost in the beauty of my home town Boulder, CO. Alright, let’s get on with this review shall we?

Queen City Handmade Moustache Wax is one that I came across while on the wonderful world of Facebook. I was very interested in trying out this wax just because…. Well I don’t really have a reason, I was just interested in getting my hands on a tin of wax and giving it a shot!

I contacted Adam from Queen City and he was happy to ship me off a tin of his handmade moustache wax. When I received it in the mail I was excited to get it open and check out what was inside!

I opened up my package to a 1oz (actually the tin says .9oz but it is in the same type tin as a 1oz) tin of wax with a nice creative label on it.

I like the color choice for the label! It gives it something different then most other waxes out there.

Opening up the tin you see a dark yellows/orange colored wax. the color reminds me of what a beeswax should look like, nothing too dark, and nothing too light. The smell of the wax is very hard to put a name to, but my weird nose says something along the lines of a high quality chocolate. Yea, I know, weird right? well I guess you can say it smells like Beeswax and Petroleum Jelly, but that takes the fun out of it right?! The smell of the wax is quite pleasant actually, and in no way is it over powering while in the ‘tache.

The Dark Yellow/Orangeish color wax


When I first got the tin, I could hear the wax shaking around in it, and well, I had flashbacks of another wax that would shake around in the tin……. When I snapped back into reality I scraped some wax out and my nail got stuck! This wax is STIFF! Now it’s not stiff that it just flakes off like solid Beeswax would, it’s more like a thick sticky wax. As for warming this stuff up, it is fairly easy, this wax is a little bit “Gummy” so it is different then the other more solid waxes, but it does warm up nicely when paired with a hair dryer.

Applying it to the ‘stache is quite easy for being such a stiff wax. Once warmed up the wax it spreads easily into the ‘stache and working it into curls is also easy while the wax is warm.

As far as the hold, This wax stays pretty stiff while in the ‘stache, Like most waxes out there I did have to readjust the ‘stache a little bit, but I didn’t have to worry too much about DSS (Droopy ‘Stache Syndrome) throughout the day.


Overall I would say my experience with Queen City Moustache Wax was very enjoyable! Although the wax is very stiff and does take some time to get warmed up, applying it and keeping it styled in the ‘stache throughout the day is relatively easy. The smell of the wax is very nice and is not overpowering while in the ‘stache. If you are looking for a good stiff wax, then this would be one you should definitely have a look at. Head on over to their site and check them out, and order yourself a tin of wax for only $10.

A huge thanks to Adam of Queen City Handmade Moustache wax!


-Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax

Alrighty folks! I know you all have been chomping at the bit for another review… So, here it is!! (Don’t you worry, another one will be on its way this week)

Now, Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax is a wax company that actually contacted me about their wax. Although it took some time to actually get me their wax I finally got my hands on a tin.

When I received the tin, I was excited to see a tin design that is different then all the other ones I’ve seen. Now don’t get too excited it’s nothing extreme! It’s a screw top tin.. Ya, I know, whats the big deal? Well I like the fact that I have the security of the tin not opening while bouncing around in my pocket.

The Light Color of wax.

When I unscrewed the top, I saw the light yellowish wax. The color is nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal beeswax color. Now the smell of the wax is something that I actually had to search for a little bit. No, I didn’t actually need to go on an adventure to find the smell. I just needed to try a little bit harder to smell this wax. When I did find the smell, it was/is hard for me to actually tell what it smells like. I guess I would say it smells like, beeswax with a hint of chocolate. When I say beeswax I don’t mean honey, I mean wax.

Now for the firmness of the wax. Well when I received the tin i could hear the “Puck” of wax rattling around in the tin. Oh great, another STIFF wax that is going to give me hell when trying to get it into the ‘stache. Well, That’s not completely true. When warming up this wax I did find that I needed to use the hair dryer to warm it up, but once warmed, this wax was pretty easy to apply into the ‘stache. Although I did notice that you need to keep the wax warm, or else it is very possible to pull out a hair or two.

Once in the ‘stache this wax cools to a Medium/Firm wax. Throughout the day I didn’t have to worry about the curls drooping or falling out-of-place, but I did need to worry about the center of the ‘tache. I noticed that the center of my ‘stache just didn’t want to stay in place, but once I applied a little more wax I was normally able to fix the problem.

Overall I would say I enjoyed my time with Lecherous Lett’s, and hell with the name Lecherous, I just can’t help myself but laugh a little bit. So if you are at all interested in getting yourself some Lecherous Lett’s Magnificent Moustache Wax (which I suggest) Head on over to their shop and buy yourself some!

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff

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