Cowboy Comb Official Moustache Wax

Now I’m sure all of you ‘stachers out there have heard of the infamous Cowboy Comb, well folks they also make a Moustache wax. (if you haven’t heard of them………well…… NOW you have!!)

Like every ‘stacher out there should, I ordered myself one of the Cowboy Combs, and with that order I got myself one of their 2oz tins of moustache wax.

My order from Cowboy Comb: The comb, a tin of wax, and free stickers!!

When I opened up the tin for the first time I saw a white colored wax, and the smell that hit me reminded me of Popsicle sticks, you know like when you were a kid and you made the Popsicle stick frames for your noodle artwork, yea that’s what the smell reminded me of, building Popsicle stick frames in school as a kid. Is it a bad smell you ask? Well no it’s not, actually the smell is only noticeable when the wax is in the tin, once applied to the ‘stache the smell seems to fade away.

As you can see, the wax is white. If not warmed up enough you will have some white flakes in the 'stache, so make sure to warm the wax up!

As for the hold, I would say this wax is a firm hold, and folks this stuff is really tough to get warmed up, and let me tell you, you need to warm this wax up! If not then you’ll pull out a hair or two! I used the hair dryer to get it warmed up, because I felt that the wax would not get as warm as it should while in my pocket. Once warm the wax is relatively easy to work into the ‘stache, you do need to work quickly as the wax will firm back up and you run the risk of pulling out a couple of hairs. Once in the ‘tache the wax is easy to shape into curls, and when in place this stuff stays put! -Well, mostly, the center of the ‘stache did have some trouble staying in place, and throughout the day I did need to fix it once or twice. As far as the curls go, I didn’t need to spend too much time fixing them, just a quick touch up in the mirror and they were good to go! As for the color, yes the wax is white, and no it will not turn your ‘stache white…. That is unless you do not warm it up enough to evenly spread throughout your ‘tache! So be careful of that!!

Overall I would say Cowboy Comb has themselves a fantastic wax, yes it is quite tricky to get warmed up, but overall it is a good firm wax. And of course you can’t forget about the comb, it is a fantastic comb! Great for combing wax through the ‘stache, and if needed it will easily comb your hair on the go. I always keep my comb in my pocket for the quick touch ups!

I highly suggest you go get yourself one of the Cowboy Combs, and while you’re at it grab yourself a 2oz tin of moustache wax, and at 9.99 for a 2oz tin, it is definitely on the cheaper side for a larger tin of wax.

-Until Then

-Keep Waxing!

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4 thoughts on “Cowboy Comb Official Moustache Wax

  1. Todd says:

    Ok, good to know. I used this for my very first wax and since then I’ve tried a couple of others that you’ve reviewed. I believe I’ll return to Cowboy Comb wax when I use up the other tins…

  2. TheAShaf says:

    I echo that. They make a fine product! I have become an unofficial spokes person for them here in Huntsville. I too have some trouble heating it up, lately I have been heating it up by candle on a spoon, almost like freebasing Wax. But you suggestion of a hair dryer sounds much more effective. How long does it take to heat up for you? To Cowboy Comb: continue the great work!

  3. I throw mine in the towel warmer for a couple of minutes. Does the trick!

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