Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax (The Gentleman’s Stiffener)

Once again the Europeans have another fantastic wax under their belt! As many of you know Captain Fawcett’s is another one of the more well-known wax companies out there, so of course there are many various reviews out there already. After reading almost every review out there I was very interested and excited to get my hands on a jar of Captain Fawcett’s Patent Pomade and give it a shot for myself.

(I do love the fact that it is called “The Gentleman’s Stiffener”) haha!!

I was excited to receive my jar of wax in about a week of it being shipped. I felt that was a normal amount of time for it to reach me, since it was coming from almost half way across the globe, but the Captain thought it took a little bit long.

When I opened up my package I saw for the first time that Captain Fawcett’s doesn’t come in a tin like almost every other brand of wax out there, but it comes in a jar. I was also surprised to find 2 buttons a Moustache pin and a note from the captain as well.

The buttons, moustache pin, and the back of the note sent from Captain Peabody

I like to see something different other than the classic tin of wax

Currently you can get a jar of Captain Fawcett’s in 3 different scents: Sandalwood, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang. I asked the Captain which scents were his favorite and gave me the order of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, followed by the Lavender… So on his suggestion I went with a jar of Ylang Ylang. I must say I was a little cautious about choosing the Ylang Ylang, simply because I had no idea what Ylang Ylang smelled like! Well folks, let me tell you it has a very natural, “flowery”(it smells like flowers) scent to it. I read a review that said it is almost “Chemical” smelling, but I do not get that AT ALL. I will say that although the scent is very nice, it is at first a little strong, nothing that will make you feel like you’ve shoved flowers up your nose, but definitely noticeable and it does ware off throughout the day to a nice hint. The color of the wax is a neutral wax color, but it is not “Clear” as most waxes are, it has a creamy aspect to it.

The wax almost has a "Creamy" aspect to it.

As for warming the wax up I found that all you need to do is keep it in your pocket for a little bit (about 10min), scrape some into your fingers and roll the wax between them to warm it up some more. This wax is on the lighter side so you won’t have to spend too much time warming it between your fingers. Applying it to the ‘tache is fairly easy, although I will say that because this is a “Pomade” wax it does feel a little bit greasy on the fingers which I feel makes it a little bit harder to spread evenly through the ‘stache. Fear not! Just because it is a little tough doesn’t mean you can’t comb it through! -And that’s all you need to do, is comb it through and BAM evenly spread.

Alright onto the million dollar question, How is the hold? Well, although the website says it has a medium to firm hold, I would say that it is more of a light to medium hold. I say this because it is more of a “pomade” type wax and once warmed up it becomes very soft, and like I said before it turns a little bit “greasy”. Now this is not a bad thing at all! I just need a little bit of a stiffer wax to control my curls a little bit better, but I had no problems using Captain Fawcett’s as a base and adding a stiffer wax (It’s Sticky As Hell, Wacky Tacky… etc..) to the curls to help them stay in place a little bit longer. (I feel like I needed to use a stiffer wax as well because I have some UNRULY hairs in my ‘stache and they need some stiff stuff to comply with what I want them to do) Throughout the day I did need to add a little bit more wax to the ‘stache to keep things in place, but once they were fixed I did not need to worry much about it again. This wax would be perfect for those looking for more of a flowing moustache, instead of an upright tricked out crazy ‘stache.

I would say that Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax is another one that every Moustachioed man should have in their collection! The scent is definitely a plus, it smells fantastic! The hold is good, I would say definitely for a low-profile flowing ‘stache. Overall I am quite happy with my experience with Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax!

I highly suggest you go check out Captain Peabody Fawcett and his wax! for a 15ml jar of wax it is about $13.60 and  shipping to the US is about $3.20 So I would say this is on the pricier side for wax, but it is well worth it to support a fellow Moustache lover!

I must send many thanks to the Captain Fawcett crew! A fine bunch over there, very nice and helpful!!!

(BONUS: During the month of November Captain Fawcett will be donating 50p (not sure how much that is in US dollars) of every pot of moustache wax sold to the noble cause of Movember) SO GO BUY SOME WAX!!!!!! SHARE THE LOVE!!!

Until Next Time

-Keep That Upper Lip Stiff!!

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2 thoughts on “Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax (The Gentleman’s Stiffener)

  1. Alex says:

    I recently ordered some, and discovered that the lid was cracked. I mentioned this to Fawcett, who immediately sent a replacement. Superb customer service.

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