Foad Wax

European (I now stand corrected about my Geography) British waxes have seemed to always have an advantage over the American made waxes. Could that be because the facial hair epidemic has only just become such a huge thing over here in the US? Well I can’t answer you that, but I can tell you that the Britt’s make some of the best waxes out on the market today!

Foad Wax is one of the 3 European (Again my ignorant USA world geography comes into play haha) British waxes I have so far, and let me tell you, It does not disappoint!

My tin arrived while I was on vacation back home in Boulder, CO and I couldn’t wait to get back home and open up my package. When I got home the first thing I did was open up my package from Mr. Foad himself. What I found inside was a .5oz tin of wax with a cartoon drawing of Mr. Foad’s face on it.

The cartoon drawing of Mr. Foad

Opening the tin you find a dark yellow/greenish wax and you get the scent of the Essential Oils Mr. Foad uses. The scent of this wax is fantastic, yet not overpowering at all. There is really no other way to explain the smell other than the Essential Oils, it smells like…well…Essential Oils…

A dark yellowish/greenish wax

As for the wax I would say it is a firm wax.
I must say I did have some trouble warming this wax up, it seems as if the normal warming it in your pocket just doesn’t cut it. I tried using the blow dryer one or twice and it did seem to help. But most days I just kept it in my pocket(I always seemed to run out of time in the morning to use the blow dryer). Because I had some trouble warming it up applying it to the ‘stache was a little tricky. I had trouble spreading it evenly throughout the ‘tache. I think the reason for this is because the wax has Gum Arabic in it, which it seems like it makes it “gummy” and harder to get off your fingers and into the ‘stache.
Once I got the wax into the ‘stache I was set for most of the day, unless I had myself a cup or two of coffee. Gum Arabic is water-soluble which is good when trying to wash the wax out of the ‘stache but not too good while trying to keep it in the ‘stache. Other then having some minor droopage if I had a hot drink. I didn’t have to worry about the dreaded DSS or the Fangs.

Overall Foad wax is great, although I had a little bit of a tricky time warming it up, I would say this is another fantastic wax for the British! The scent of this wax is awesome, it smells natural so it is something I had no problem putting so close to my mouth. The hold of this wax is great, and you won’t really have to worry about having to do too much readjusting throughout the day.

Mr. Foad is a great guy so head on over to his site and get yourself some of his wax. He sells his wax in .5oz tins for what equals out in US Dollars to be around $7.96 and $3 for shipping to the US.

Until Next Time

-Keep That Wax In The ‘Stache

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9 thoughts on “Foad Wax

  1. Jims says:

    Before I bought a blow dryer, I steam from running the hot water. Worked like a charm! Though I needed to use more than normal. Probably because the Gum Arabic and steam don’t play well together.

  2. Fine site, excellent reviews. I am a “Bounder” man, meself – you can’t beat that firm hold…

    Just one point – Foad Wax, like Bounder, is British, not European. Britain may be an island off the coast of Europe but the British are really not Europeans..something I suspect both sides of the English Channel are equally agreed on – and equally relieved about.

    Pip pip!

    • Springheel,
      Thank you for pointing out my mistake! I am from the US and everyone over on that side of the pond is a “European” to us over here! Haha

      I will indeed keep that in mind whist reviewing any other British waxes, and I’ll try not to start any rivals between anyone!

      Thanks again for the pointer!!

      Stay Waxy!

    • I hope you find my revisions to the post correct!


      • Sir,

        I cannot thank you sufficiently for indulging me. I know well that Britain is, geographically, part of the continent of Europe. But culturally, we are very different. Foryunately, the close proximity of our island to the continent has allowed us the opportunity, for well over a thousand years, to irritate the hell out of them with myriad petty distinctions and confusing differences. And now you have played your part in this. If just one European is mildly peeved by your alterations, it will have been well worth the effort.

  3. An English man says:

    Britain is very much part of Europe, <<

    Must admit, being English I do often hear people making the distinction even though it makes little sense…

    • Bushy tashy says:

      I have to agree with ‘An English man’. Apparently to some Brits dismay, Britain is part of Europe from a historical, linguistic, geographical, geological, political and even cultural and ethnic point of view.

      Sure there are cultural differences, most of which I relish, but they are rather small when compared to the similarities, specially when taking factors such as time and distance into account.

      Take a look at this map if you wish:

  4. DanielCoffey says:

    I have just had a look at the ingredients of the FOAD Wax and Gum Arabic is not listed. It is described as containing English Beeswax, Petroleum Jelly, Zinc Oxide and Essential Oils.

    Still smells fabulous though!

    • Mr. Daniel,
      I’m guessing that you have recently bought your tin of Foad Wax?
      The reason you are not seeing Gum Arabic listed in the ingredients on your tin of wax is because Mr. Foad has recently changed his formula. He replaced the Gum Arabic with the Zinc Oxide.
      I’ve tested out the new formula and it is almost the exact same as it was with the Gum Arabic. Some up sides to the change is that the new formula is what I feel easier to apply into the ‘stache.

      Keep waxing!

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