Bounder Extra Firm Moustache Wax

Bounder is another one of the top known brands of moustache wax. I have read countless reviews on Bounder and other Wax Industries products. I was very interested in trying bounder ever since I first began growing a handlebar! After emailing back and forth with Mr. Wax himself we were finally able to work out the exchange rate (him being in London, and me being in the US) and were able to get me some of his fine moustache wax.

Reading about Bounder online you learn that it is made with Pure British Beeswax and Fine Caribbean Rum – Think about that… Fine Caribbean Rum.. Now that is something I think every man would have no problem with smelling throughout the day!!

The nice classic looking package that it came in

Upon receiving my Bounder I read everything that was written on the envelope/package that the wax came in. I saw in the ingredients that it also contained Vanilla Extract. This made me even MORE excited to get this stuff open and have a whiff! Upon opening it I was a little bit shocked with the color and consistency of the wax. When people say wax my mind goes to the “Clear” shiny wax (like Firehouse, Rex Wax and many others.) But when I opened up my first tin of wax I saw a creamy off white colored wax. – This does keep the ‘stache looking more natural throughout the day without the high sheen of other waxes.

I don't know if off white is the right explanation for the color, but you get the idea!

Ok Ok, on to the smell!! The smell is what I was most excited about with this wax. The fact that it has Rum in it, I mean come on!! The first whiff of this stuff what a bit over powering to me and I couldn’t make sense of what it exactly smelt like, But I think that was just the fact that it had been sealed up for while! After airing it out real quick I started getting everything that was in this stuff! At first I just got the vanilla and it almost smelt like, And I know this is going to sound weird but… Vanilla cake frosting. You know like Betty Crocker… Yea, then I started to take my time and I could really get the rum and a hint of the Glycerin soap (I feel that it has a hint of a soapy smell, but hey soap is clean! And it’s good to be clean!!!) Overall I really like the smell of it! Its vanilla frosting with rum, and you can’t be mad at that! – Unless your more of a chocolate frosting guy… Ok enough with the frosting talk!

On the inside of the package it says to keep the lid on tight or the wax will dry out, I read somewhere from Mr. Wax that the way the wax gets its firmness is by drying into a firm hold. This is a fantastic idea, because this stuff dries STIFF! It will hold all day even in the hottest of places (I lived in Phoenix AZ during the summer, and it got HOT. I’m talking like 118 degrees hot!) The fact that it dries out is also what I think makes this wax one of the more difficult to get a hang of. While applying it to my ‘stache I  could feel my fingers and my ‘stache getting really sticky as the wax was starting to dry out. This would cause me to pull a hair or two out if I wasn’t careful! The way I got around that was by heating up the wax with a blow dryer (for about 10 sec), applying it to the ‘stache and working it through until I felt my fingers getting sticky then washing off of my hands (this stuff comes really easy with warm water) and grabbing a little bit more wax and finishing off the curls. It did take me a couple of days and multiple tries to get this right. To tell you the truth I still have not perfected application process, and have yet to get a hang of the wax. – Although the wax does come with some sort of disclaimer stating “Bounder is an old-fashioned product and behaves in an old-fashioned way.” So this might be Mr. Wax’s way of saying it is tricky to get the hang of!!

Throughout the day Bounder really stays where you put it! If it doesn’t you can wet your fingers and fix it up and the wax will reset itself to the new position. When Mr. Wax says “Extra Firm” he means EXTRA FIRM! This stuff is AWESOME when it comes to its strength and holding power! A little of this stuff goes a long way so like it says on the package use sparingly!

Overall I am very happy with Bounder Extra Firm Moustache Wax. It has a fantastic scent which is not overpowering one bit and wares off throughout the day. The holding power is top-notch while still being (hot) water-soluble, and again because I’m not a fan of yesterdays wax in today’s ‘stache that is a good thing, but if you were to leave it in for a second or third day all you would need is a little touch up with some wet fingers. The one thing that gets me every time is the trickiness of the wax when trying to  apply it. This may just be my own experience with the wax but it is something that I still need to figure out.

Bounder Extra Firm Moustache Wax is definitely another wax that every ‘stacher should have in their collection!

Go check them out and order some wax! It comes in a 3 tin package Each of the tins is 10g so in total it equals out to be about 1oz of wax. But you have 3 little tins, one for your pocket, bathroom, and anywhere else you need to stash some ‘stache wax!

Until next time

-Keep that upper lip stiff!

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9 thoughts on “Bounder Extra Firm Moustache Wax

  1. Mr. Wax says:

    Hallo – Mr. Wax here. I’m very happy to hear that you like Bounder and thought I’d suggest a simple tip to help apply it more easily. Just use the back of your thumbnail to scoop a little from the tin, rather than the tip of a finger. That way, you’ll get a decent quantity out without spreading it everywhere but your whiskers and be able to get it to work before it dries out. You should never need to use a hair-dryer, flamethrower or blowtorch to soften it enough to work in as long as you’re fairly snappy. Practice makes perfect!

    When there is a spare moment around Wax Towers, the packaging and instructions will be altered to include this as it makes a sticky situation much easier to handle.

    All the best,

    Mr. Wax

    • Mr Wax,
      Thank you for your suggestion! I will indeed keep that in mind during my next application. I surely do need some more practice with Bounder, but when I figure it out… Oh that will be a fantastic day!!
      You have got yourself quite a fine product with Bounder! I am very glad I have 3 tins of it!


    • El Tripper says:

      Hey Mr. Wax I will sure like to try your stuff

      Do you have a “Sample” size presentation ?? just to try it out before ordering ??

      • Mr. Wax says:

        Hallo – I’m afraid that we don’t currently offer a sample for the boring but inescapable economics: it costs £3.30 to send any item up to 100g around the world and, given all the requests we receive for free samples, we’d end up bankrupt if we did so. Hopefully this will be something we can address as more international retailers come on board. As the standard pack of Bounder comes in three 10ml tins (for convenience and, as the wax is an emulsion, to prevent all your precious product drying out), the single tin is, to many of our customers, the sample pack. Certainly, if you have whiskers as ludicrous as my own lip weasel, the triple-pack is a must eventually!

        The new website, with both formats of Bounder and some additional items, will be up shortly. Meanwhile, you can find the single-tin pack on eBay if you search for “Bounder.”

        Hope that helps –

        Mr. Wax

      • Mr. Tripper,

        As Mr. Wax said he does not offer and samples, and like he said it would be hard for him to make money if all he did was give free samples.. BUT Fear not, I know MANY people who have tried Bounder and have been VERY satisfied with it. Whilst in-between reviews I often find myself reaching for my tin of Bounder. It is very easily applied to the ‘stache (Once figured out) and holds very well throughout the day.

        I say take the plunge and get yourself a 3 pack of the wax!

        Happy Waxing!

      • El Tripper says:

        Mr Wax and SuperCooper Thank YOu Both

        I will sure give it a try and order a pack of 3 , after reading this and some other comments about it , now I have to try it hehehe , cheers from Tijuana Mexico

  2. Paul Branham says:

    Jeffrey Moustache~international moustache competitor is a big fan of Bounder and has introduced me to the product.
    Mr. Wax is a fabulous gent to transact business with.

    Rex Wax: Handmade Moustache Wax

  3. MacFinley says:

    I am a firm Mr. Wax user as well, one of my tins came dried out and Mr. Wax was completely helpful. Not only is the wax fantastic (and has RUM) The customer service and quality alone keeps me coming back.

  4. Dr. kevin Moor says:

    Having tried many other dressings, I have found Bounder extra firm wax superior in every way. Totally reliable, even in tropical conditions.
    Bounder wax needs a little extra effort to apply, but then so does shaving with a straight razor, wearing clean, pressed clothing and polished boots.
    Bounder wax is a boon for gentlemen, and the fragrance reminds me that the sun is always under the yardarm somewhere in the world.
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Wax.

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