Firehouse Moustache Wax (Wacky Tacky)

Firehouse Moustache Wax is a pretty well-known brand, I’ve already found tons of reviews on this wax (as it seems EVERYONE recommends it). Firehouse makes three different waxes; Light, Dark, and Wacky Tacky.

their light wax is made for more of a blonde/gray/white hair (my ‘tache is more of a reddish/brownish so this wax is a no go for me)

The Dark wax is supposedly a little bit lighter color wax then the Wacky Tacky. Also I have read that the wax itself its a softer wax then the WT as well*. (*Have not tried it so don’t hold me to that)

And last but not least, the Wacky Tacky!! This is their darkest and firmest* (*Just what I’ve been told) wax.

OK enough with the other waxes, let’s get to the review of the Wacky Tacky

When you first open the tin you see that this wax is pretty dark, Not black by any means but it is a dark chocolate color. After holding it up and taking a nice big smell you get a natural sent(Hard for me to put a finger on what the exact smell is but it is quite pleasant) -although some have said they don’t like the smell I don’t mind it to much- and by no means is this smell overpowering. Just a slight hint which you’ll catch a whiff of every once in a while throughout the day.

As you can see I have used quite a lot so far! It is my everyday wax so I have used it for a while. The color almost matches the dark brown table. So yes this stuff is real dark!

Let me tell you this stuff is flipping stiff! the first time I used it I didn’t heat it up in any sort of way (which is recommended by their website,) I had a real tough time trying to get it into the ‘tache! So I would indeed say warm it up first, throw it in your pocket for a couple of minutes or give it a quick blast with a hair dryer (only about 30 sec but probably a little less.) After heating it up a little bit this wax becomes easier to work into your ‘stache.

Styling it into curls(or whatever you may choose) is quite simple with this stuff when it is softened up a bit. Just a quick twist of the fingers and it should stay almost exactly where you put it for most of the day!-The only reason I say most of the day is because throughout the day the center of my ‘stache falls into “fangs” and the curls sag a little -This may be because I am not using enough or I am just not combing it through well enough. Or because of the 115 degree heat during the Arizona summer… But a quick touch up on the center and reshaping the curls fixes that! Plus it only happens about once a day. And there is no need for me to reapply any wax, just fix it with the wax that is already there! This wax stays stiff but not rock solid, it is still workable while in the ‘stache. Washing this stuff out is relatively easy, it comes out when I wash my face in the shower each morning (which is fine by me because I’m not sure I want yesterdays wax on today’s ‘stache).

Overall I would say that Firehouse Wacky Tacky is a fantastic wax! it has become my day-to-day wax, (so I have been using it for longer than a week already) and it has yet to disappoint me.  I think everyone should have a tin of WT in their wax collection, and at $8.00 a tin and $2.00 for US shipping it is reasonably priced!

To order Firehouse Moustache Wax go check out their website

–I’ll upload pictures of the wax soon–

-Until Next Time

-Keep A Stiff Upper Lip

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12 thoughts on “Firehouse Moustache Wax (Wacky Tacky)

  1. eugene conley says:

    Best wax I have found to date the people who make it are top notch people to deal with, they make a great product and they ship it very quickly! No need to look any further than firehouse! The dark wax works really well, it just doesn’t hold as well as wacky tacky!

  2. eugene conley says:

    Also like I mentioned I like to use wacky tacky and take a stick of Burt’s Bees honey lip balm and rub it ontop of the ‘tache kinda comb it in with the wax, the lip balm has an awesome smell to it (which is personal preference) and it makes my ‘tache smell almost edible all day!

  3. Nick D says:

    I used Firehouse exclusively when I first grew a handlebar, though I’ve been using Bounder of late. Regarding the hirsuit fangs, training the hairs up by combing them straight up while using a blowdryer on them, before waxing, will go a long way towards solving that problem.

    • Thanks for the advice about the fangs! I’ll make sure to look into “retraining” the middle of my ‘tache!!
      Ah yes Bounder! I’ve been using it on and off with my Firehouse, make sure you keep an eye out for my review of it!


  4. James says:

    Mrsupercooper, have you done the review you talked about on September 8? I would be interested in reading it.

  5. Stephen says:

    What are the ingredients? _

  6. Stephen says:

    What are the ingredients of the firehouse wacky tacky and or dark? Thanks

  7. snede2112 says:

    This wax smells great. I think the scent is sort of coffee like. I have very course hair and I do wish it were even stiffer.

  8. Marc says:

    I’ve used both Wack-Tacky and Dark for a while, and I do prefer Dark. I hate using a hairdryer, which I find necessary to get the WT into my stache, and even with the thing I kept having little lumps and visible streaks of wax in my stache. An obvious disadvantage of having to use a hairdryer is that you can’t use the wax for a touch-up during the day. The Dark wax is darker than the WT and blends with my black moustache much better. And I like the light perfumy smell of the Dark wax, the WT hardly smells at all.

    • Mark Anderson says:

      I use Wacky-Tacky and Dark together. Dark doesn’t like to stick to the hairs if they are still damp from washing so I put on a little WT first then finish up with Dark to hold my mustache in the shape I want. I’ve rarely needed to use a hair dryer with it. Except for some winter mornings when the bathroom is cold and the wax is stiff.

      • I have not tried applying a wax to a damp ‘stache before, something I’ll have to try.

        As far as the Hair Dryer, one of the main reasons I use it, is not only to help warm it up, but with beeswax once you heat it up it will then cool harder than it’s original state. So heating it with the hair dryer will then make the wax stiffer in the ‘stache.

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