CVS Brand Wax

This is my first moustache wax review. The first and possibly the worst(Wax that is)….

This was the very first wax that I got my hands on. I looked online for hours and hours looking for a wax that I could buy in a store. The only two that I found were Pinaud-Clubman and CVS brand Moustache Wax. I went on a search from store to store (Walgreens to Walgreens) trying to find Clubman (since it has SO MANY reviews). All of my searches for the infamous Clubman came up will no luck.

My search for in-store moustache wax brought me to CVS where I found their CVS brand Moustache Wax.

I was excited to see the price of $4.99 and the fact that it came with a comb, until I opened it and tried to apply the wax.

-When I say wax, I mean that in the least waxy way possible- this stuff is more like a thick lotion. It was a mess to try and apply. Although I must say the smell is quite pleasant (not over powering). I found myself discouraged because this stuff just could not hold!(and remember this is when I first started growing a handlebar so there was not much for it to hold.) Throughout the day I would have to apply it almost every hour to get the curl and hold that I wanted, and STILL I had “fangs” and a droopy ‘stache (you never want a droopy ‘stache) within the hour

One thing I will say is that the comb was a nice thing to have. It did help evenly spread the wax throughout the ‘stache. Although It did break after a couple days of keeping it in my pocket for “on the go” styling (which you needed with this wax).

So I guess I would say this is one of my least favorite moustache waxes (as of now). If you are in a bind and NEED a wax then this might work for you, Only because it is sold at CVS and is so readily available. This wax might also work if you are one of those people who like doing things over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

As far as buying a quality wax in a store, you wont be able to find anything except the CVS/Walgreens Store brand, and Clubman. Unless you find yourself a shaving specialty store (West Coast Shaving or something like that). You could always check in at a local old school barber shop and see if they have anything. As far as I’ve found, if your looking for a good quality moustache wax you will have to order it off line. – which is not good if your in a hurry. One thing that you can use if you are in need of a wax NOW then you can always go grab yourself a Pomade or just use some hair spray.

-Until then

-Keep a stiff upper lip

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10 thoughts on “CVS Brand Wax

  1. eugene conley says:

    Cvs brand is god aweful! The comb is all that is good and I only paid $2.99 for my tube of useless goop!

  2. eugene conley says:

    Also rite aid makes their own brand which comes with a comb it has no scent is much the consistancy of toothpaste, but once it dries actually will hold fairly well! A much better option to the cvs brand!

    • I’ve tried looking at Rite Aid for their wax but I’ve yet to find it! My search still continues though!

      • eugene conley says:

        The rite aid brand is in a cheesy looking package that says new formula and looks like it is from 1975! It clumps up in my tache but if you can comb it though good and give it time to dry it does hold! not a firehouse hold but much better than cvs brand!

  3. AllDayPermanentBlack says:

    I have a tube of the CVS stuff, and I never use it. I’m pretty sure I got Clubman at either Rite-Aid or CVS. I will keep using Clubman until the tube runs out, and then I’m going to order some Firehouse Mustache Wax.

    • I have heard mixed reviews about Clubman, which makes me very reluctant to tempt my fate with it. Although I will eventually get around to it if I happen to find it at my local supermarket.

      What are your thoughts on Clubman?

  4. Marcie says:

    My husband has had a mustache for 30+ years and he is ALWAYS looking for Clubman, it is hard to find…last time we found it, it was at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Two tubes, we bought both and are running out. Everytime we see Clubman we will buy it…just NEVER see it! Too many new mustaches out there. HaHa

  5. frank patterson says:

    I’ve been using Clubman for several years and am satisfied, now that I know to warm it up in a stream of hot water. However I am interested in trying other brands to see how they work. Btw, my ‘stache is rather Sihk-looking so it is necessary to groom it up away from the mouth for eating. Am curious why Burts Bees Wax doesn’t have something out for us. His prices on everything are quite high. I do use his lip balm for a quick application of something to hold things on place sometimes.

  6. Ahhhh CVS brand wax…a cruel joke in a tube plus loaded w/ petrochemicals! It is tough to find the good stuff in a pinch i agree. best to stock up! I am using and loving Dandy Candy Moustache Trainer by Petal Pusher Fancies…and it’s changed my life! smells like bay rum and comes in 9 different varieties! They also sell Moustache Wax Remover!!!! this is the first i found and a must! happy waxing!

  7. Scott says:

    actually, rite-aid has a really nice generic moustache wax. it responds much more like clubman (which USED to be carried by my local CVS, but was replaced by their own stuff)

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